There isn’t any woman/man on earth who has ever said “I love doing laundry”, taking care of laundry is a time-consuming task but the washing machine eases the trouble for sure. In this modern world, everything is made out of machines which makes even the hard task easier and faster comparatively the conventional or manual process. The washing machine is one of the inventions that made life easier and simpler which lead humans to focus on other important activities. Here is the guide on how to select the best washing machine for your home.

Types of Washing Machines:

Here are the two most common types of washing machines based on their performance.

  • Semi-automatic washing machine

It consists of two drums; one is for washing and another is for drying. They are cheaper than other automatic washing machines. It requires human intervention for some purposes. It consumes low energy for washing which makes the work more efficient. It can be stopped manually for scrubbing. No bending is required and is easier for operating and exploring the options. It is also budget-friendly for everyone.

  • Fully automatic washing machines

As the name suggests, it is fully automated with a variety of washing options which is relatively more expensive than the semi-automatic but it is great value for money. They do excel in the wash quality of the clothes. They are open to many other options for delicate clothes. Fully automatic machines have a single drum for washing and drying, hence there will be a requirement for human intervention. Fully automatic washing machines are affordable and you can get a huge discount on the price during washing machine exchange offers.

  • Fully Automatic Machines

The fully automatic machines are further divided into two based on the loading capacity.

  • Top Load Washing Machine

When comparing the top load with the front load washer, the top load washer can be easier and more convenient, since there is no need of bending for loading and unloading. It can be helpful for senior citizens or persons who have difficulties with their joints. It is lightweight and easy to port from one place to another. The washing machine fully automatic top load is excellent in performance and also a great choice if you have a big family. 

  • Front-Load Washing Machine

The washing machine front load washers are a little more expensive than top-load washers but it is justifiable. Front-loaders are gentler with clothes while washing. It also consumes less water than top loaders. Generally front loader spin 33% per cent faster than the top loaders since it possesses an advanced suspension system. It helps with the extraction of water from the clothes better when compared to the top load washers. You can check the washing machine online before picking up the right front-load washing machine for your home. Yodacart is a one-stop destination to get the best washing machine under 20000.

How to pick the right washing machine?

Capacity:  The first and far most thing is to decide the capacity of the washing machine according to the size of the family members. If you are a couple, 5-6kg capacity washing machines are suitable for washing clothes. When it comes to four to five members, it requires a capacity of 6-8kg. In case the if more than 6 family members it requires a 9kg capacity washing machine for quality washing.

Washer Type: Finding the perfect type of washer is your second process. If your requirement is low and expecting a pocket-friendly washer, you can go for the semi-automatic washers. It comes with a medium noise level, and very low usage of power comparatively automatic washing machines. It helps you add more clothes in between the washing. It has high durability and can stand for long-lasting years. It requires low maintenance than automatic washers.

Performance: If you want to go with fully automatic washing machines, it consists of two kinds i.e., top load and front load. They both are relatively the same in the price range. They both have pros and cons. Hence it is very personal to choose either one. Top-loading washers can collect lint and distribute the fabric softer better than front loaders. The front loader can be gentle with the clothes and the quality of washing can be high when compared to front loaders. Front-loaders use less water and detergent and save electricity which can be cost-efficient. To pick the right choice one should look into the RPM (Rotation Per Minute) which helps to extract the water from the clothes. Top loaders can be low in maintenance than front loaders because of mold formation in the door rubber gasket.  While checking the model, don’t miss to check out on the washing machine offers.

 Top features to consider while buying a washing machine

  • RPM – Rotation per minute. Maximum RPM, the faster it rotates for the extraction of water from the cloths. It will be very helpful on rainy days.
  • Fuzzy logic– The programmed automation in the washing machine to control the amount of soap and water required. It also helps to select the ideal washing mode for better quality.
  • Bubble wash – More bubbles are produced, which helps to go deeper into fabrics for a better wash.
  • Time delay – It is a special feature to delay the washing up to 24hrs. It helps to customize the washing time according to our work-life balance.
  • Temperature control– Some washers are coming with in-built heaters for the hot water wash for better wash quality. It will help remove hard stains on the cloths
  • Quick wash– It will be helpful for quick laundry and smaller loads. The washing time can be varied from 15-30 mins depending upon the washer.

The washing machine price totally depends on the type, size, model, and brand. Based on your family size and budget you can pick the best at an affordable price. Yodacart offers a one-stop solution to all your home appliance needs.  This website provides 3D viewing of appliances which offers a 360-degree view of appliances. In fact, the AR feature is the best part about this website, you can virtually see the appliance in your space.  The one-day delivery is the best part about this website, your washing machine will be delivered to your doorsteps.  What are you waiting for ?? Login to the Yodacart website right now.!

how to select the best washing machine for your home

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