Preparing Tiffin for your little one is not an easy task. You have to come up with new recipes and new ways to feed them healthier stuff. They are obviously inclined towards junk food but you have to balance it out. It’s not that difficult though. Also, ensure your kid’s food container should look lovely from outside too. Here we have prepared a list of some healthy recipes for your kid’s lunch box. Here are some ideas for Healthy Lunch Boxes for Kids

Ideas for Healthy Lunch Boxes for Kids:

  • Palak Paneer Roll

    Mix the Palak in the dough and chapatti. Stuff it with paneer. Roll it like a Kathi Roll and pack it for your kid’s lunch. In this way, you will be feeding them nutritional Palak if they hate it or reluctant to eat it.

  • Vegetable Wrap

    Use whole-wheat roti for the wrap and for the filling use fresh shredded veggies like carrot, tomatoes, onions, cabbage. Sauté the veggies in a pan until cooked and then fill it the wrap. You can also add mushrooms, corns, paneer, and broccoli.

  • Dal Parantha

    This is the simplest recipe with high nutritional content. Mix cooked dal in the dough and cook it as you cook any other parantha.

    Stuffed paranthas are also a good option. You can stuff paranthas with cauliflower, onion, rice, radish, and paneer. Paneer paranthas are a delight not just for kids but also for adults.

  • Idlis

    You can serve idlis in numerous ways: with sambar, fried idlis, or just with sauce. For Fried Idlis all you need to do is prepare a mix of onion and capsicum sautéed in rye. Then cut idli into four pieces and add the sauce. It tastes delicious.

  • Curd Rice
    Mix cooked cooled rice in curd and add salt, cucumber, and tomatoes. For tempering, heat oil in a pan, add cumin seeds and mustard seeds, ginger, chilli, and curry leaves. Finally, add hing when curry leaves become crisp.

Moms, make it sure that your little one’s food container must look lovely like Vaya’s Lunch kit. See the below picture. How adorable this lunch kit looks from Vaya.

Ideas for Healthy Lunch Boxes for Kids

Vaya Preserve with Vaya GoChamp

Happy Parenting!

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