If your child is a coward it is because you help them too quickly. Don’t Remove every obstacle from their path. Parenting is an everyday learning. In technical terms we can say it requires a lot of R&D. With our love and affection, we should not forget our duties.

We consider our kids to be a very delicate being and we think that our children should not suffer at any cost. We help them all the time not giving room to exhibit their capability. We do it either out of love or out of ego treating our children not so accountable. Always remember your kids’ knows how to take care of himself and do their routine as usual. With love we should make a boundary and follow some discipline which will help him to blossom like a beautiful flower.

Don’t remove every obstacle from their path.

Doing each and everything of your kid is not love rather it spoils your kid’s future.  If you will always keep helping your child in each and every small difficulty, he will not be able to stand for himself in future. He will not be able to become independent. Also he will become a coward who will be afraid of life’s hurdles that it brings along and always dependent on you.

Well, as a parent it is our duty to raise an independent child. To raise an independent child, we should understand how to motivate, encourage and guide our kid towards a successful path. So dear parents let him/her explore the world as he/she likes and get an idea of what lies ahead. And if anything goes wrong by any chance, of course you are there to pick him/her up and correct the things….!!!!

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If your child is a coward it is because you help them too quickly.

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