If you are looking for a new activity for your kid why not think about the judo classes. Judo training is one of the best activity options for kids much more than team sports like basket ball, base ball etc. if you are looking for the judo classes for kids in Mohali. We have some best options for you in this article.

Martial arts classes are not designed to make your child a mini fighting machine. Rather, practices such as taekwondo, karate and jujitsu build self confidence, pride and respect.

Martial arts give kids a chance to be active, which helps work off energy in energetic little ones or gets kids who turn to be inactive moving and up. However, these timeworn practices also teach your kids bolster self-esteem, responsibility and develop respect for others and themselves.

A typical hour long class begins and ends with a nod to the master or a teacher. After a warm up, students practice the particular skills, which may include punches, kicks and blocks. Each requires strict attention and concentration.

Progress is often marked by the belt, which start the beginner from a white belt through a variety of colors until the black. Testing for each level, commonly in three months, is a good exercise in achieving and setting goals.

Here is a list of best judo classes for kids in Mohali. Names are given below:

  • Taekwondo at Gem Public School:

    This school is located at phase 3b2 Mohali. Taekwondo at gem is the best in Mohali for kid’s personal needs. Please visit the center for your kid’s protection skills.

  • Taekwondo at Gian Jyoti:

    This judo class is located at phase 2 Mohali. This is one another best judo class in Mohali for your kids personal and protection needs.


    This is one of the best martial arts academies in Mohali. It is located at Shaheed Udham Singh Bhawan, Mohali.

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