Facebook has over the years has known for its dominance over all other instant messengers. People worldwide are using the social networking app as the best free communication tool. Not only the adults and people are in mature age are using the FB messenger, on the other hand’s young kids and teens are fully committed to the social media app and they spend all day long on the social messaging platform.

Now the question has arisen, the adults and mature users use this app for so many reasons such as dating site, to interact with the people of the world and communicate with the family and friends living far from the home. But when it comes to young kids, tweens, and teens what they really do on the social media app like FB.

What really Kids do on Facebook?

Spy App

Facebook has been the more fascinating and charming for the young users due to its plenty of features. The young kids and teens doing the same as adults and other people do. They send and receive text messages on the messenger, shared media files such as photos and videos, audio and video calls, chat conversations, group conversations and last but not the least they send and receive voice calls. However, they post news feeds, create pages, do comments and add friends as well. Well! All of these seem very normal activities, then why parents are so reluctant to monitor kids and teens Facebook activities.

Everything seems normal: Why parents reluctant to spy FB

The reasons behind Facebook monitoring social networking app are the dangers for kids and teens that making them victims and other vulnerabilities that causes obsession with the activities. The presence of online predators in a large number of the instant messaging app has raised the possibilities of harming teens and kids on the platform. The cyber bullies, stalkers, sexual predators and child abusers are fully active on the messenger no time ever before.

On the other hand, Facebook has made young teens fully obsessed with its features and they spend all day long on the social media platform via smartphones. Ultimately they may get plenty of health issues such as depression, anxiety, eye issues and other disorders related to the mental health. Online predators are more dangerous they hunt teens online and then meet them in real-life to harm them.

Effective way to spy on FB: Parents need to follow

Spy App

Parents just need to install the Spy app on the target smartphone devices having physical access. Initially, for the installation process, they need to discover the pass code and ID and it is possible with the subscription of phone spy app. Now you can install the cell phone surveillance software on the target phone and use the credentials to get access to the cell phone spying app. Now you can use the Facebook surveillance features.

Use IM’s social media

You can use the IM’s social media of cell phone tracking spyware, it enables a user to track IM’s logs, chats conversations, and shared media files such as photos and videos, audio and video calls and listen to the voice messages.

Facebook Live screen recording

You can track someone’s FB account with the help of Facebook Screen recording of the spyware for the cell phone. You can record the screen activities of your target cell phone by making back to back short videos. It will help you out to view the activities happen on the phone the time Facebook has activated. You can view Facebook messages, offline messages and online conversations, Friend list, added) blocked and deleted entries. However, a user can also get their eyes on shared media files such as photos and videos.


Use key-logger of the mobile phone spy software and get all the used keystrokes on your kid’s cell phone. You will get a Facebook password and ID keystrokes, SMS keystrokes, and others. This will really help you out to get access to someone’s FB account and you can use the account as it belongs to you.

TOS Spy 360

You can your target kids smartphone screen live to the cell phone tracking software’s online control panel. It will give you real-time monitoring of Facebook running on the target cell phone screen with help of Spy 360 live screen sharing.

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