“Taare Zameen Par”

When a baby comes out from the mother’s womb with tiny toes and fingers, 1 cute button nose & bright weeping eyes to blossom happiness around, the mother gets the toughest spasm of her life. But you know there’s something about a baby’s touch. As soon as she gets in hold of her little bundle of joy, it eases her ailment. Thus just pull up your socks, tighten your belt as here it commences the parenting.

Your little one is unknown of this creepy, thankless and arrogant world. Child’s purity is same as the fresh revitalizing scent of wet soil. So the way you parent your child, the latter will grow up exactly in the same manner as parents are regarded as 1st Guru.

Have you ever wondered that we always think that my child will become IAS or Engineer or Doctor or CA or what not…but we never think of shaping him well. Give him proper foundation to grow, shape his behavior not his future then automatically best future will arrive as a remainder.

“Yeh To Jhoke Hai Pawan Ke
Hai Yeh Gungroo Jeevan Ke
Yeh To Sur Hai Chaman Ke
Kho Na Jayeee
Taare Zameen Par”

Well there are only two lasting bequests a parent can give to their child are “the roots & wings” (also quoted by Dalai Lama Xiv). Make them a responsible chap and teach them the value of apologies, cooperation, forgiveness & consideration of others. Give them wings for flying. Foster your child’s independence & self worth. Just love them unconditionally. They are Good God’s angels & they are just made to be loved.

And if you are of the opinion that money can parent your child well, then I think you need to probably brush your minion knowledge before you give some advice to your child. To turn out your child well, spend twice as much time with them & half as much money.

Never ever bribe your child. Bribery is just an emotional crime with serious consequences in which your toddler gets trapped in. Always listen to them patiently, encourage their talents and accept limitations too. They must be taught how to think, not what to think. Never ever compare your child’s abilities to other child’s uniqueness. Respect your champ. Give them the perfect balance of IQ & EQ. Just give them a perfect foundation as if foundation is strong then no brick can fall upon.

Last but not the least do not expect to be perfect, parenting is a difficult job which should be duly performed by both Mother & Father

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