Someone I know recently had a baby, and now that the baby’s a few months old, she’s starting to grow tiny baby teeth. It got me thinking of my little one’s baby teeth and the struggle that every mom probably goes through – brushing kids’ teeth. It can be quite difficult because of all the fuss kids throw.

In fact, my little one was always fussy when it comes to brushing – running away, keeping the mouth glued shut, and biting on the brush so that I couldn’t move the brush around – my child has done it all to avoid brushing! It made my mornings so stressful and I was also extremely worried about the cavities and tooth decay that could ruin that adorable smile!

Colgate Kids Toothpaste

So I took a decision – I was going to try everything I could to make my child brush properly – at least, whatever my child found fun. Hopefully, this would make my day easier.

I started with using YouTube videos on my phone – cartoons which would distract my child. While my child was engrossed in videos, I used to trick my way through brushing his teeth, hoping he wouldn’t suddenly realize and resist my efforts. Then when that got boring for my little one, I tried some toys like those little wind-up mice which bounce in the same place once you turn the key. What really made a huge difference, however, was his favourite cartoon characters – Motu Patlu. He’s enjoyed watching this show on TV for a long time now, and I guess in a way, kids try to be like their favourite cartoon characters.

I came across the Colgate Kids Toothpaste which had Motu Patlu and Barbie on it and immediately bought it because I knew that cartoons could be my one last hope to get my child to let me brush his teeth properly. Seeing his favourite characters on the pack must have had some magic effect because my child insisted on using the toothpaste once he saw the tube! And when the toothpaste turned out to be blue and pink in colour, he was more than excited.

Now that I had my little one interested, I could tell him stories about how Motu Patlu used the EXACT SAME toothpaste to brush their teeth! Along with this, I think the fruity flavour really helped – I later found out that kids have more sensitive taste buds when compared to adults!

Honestly, this sounds weird, but I think Motu Patlu might have changed my life! Of course, I’m exaggerating, but it’s so great that Colgate Kids Toothpaste was able to make brushing fun for kids this way, and at the same time, make life easier for moms!

It helped me realise something that I might not have mentioned before – that to get kids to do anything, one has to add in an element of fun! And this is especially true with brushing, which is something that kids find boring, but should be made a habit anyway. If you too are trying to make brushing your child’s teeth an easier task, try giving them these interesting and colourful toothpaste packs – they serve as an excellent distraction and make your mornings so much easier!

And Colgate Kids Toothpaste has Barbie and Motu Patlu variants, so this toothpaste could help you ensure your child’s dental care AND make your mornings stress-free in one go! So Take The Pledge with me and Colgate Kids, to Make Brushing Fun for your little one, to make oral care easier and build this good habit for their future!

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