Riya was one young and vibrant girl. She was just 16 years old and was very ambitious. From the very young age she has seen the dream of flying high and touring the world as a pilot. She was busy preparing for her 12th board exams. Her parents were very supportive of her in all her decisions. Her mother, Lakshmi, was a home maker and was a dedicated wife to her husband, Rajeev. Rajeev was a businessman. He was a self-made man who has lived life on his own terms.

All three of them were living happily and were unaware of the turn their life has to take as destiny has planned it all.

One night Rajeev got a severe heart attack and could not survive it. Riya and Lakshmi could not believe that they have lost Rajeev. Their life shattered. They were in shock and clueless what to do next. Little did they know about the business of Rajeev.

Rajeev has left for them the uncountable memories to cherish and a huge home loan and credit card bills to pay.

They somehow manage to come face to face with the terms of life and decided to be together in this storm of life and not to take any financial help from the relatives. They both knew even if they sell all the jewellery and emptied the bank accounts they wont be able to pay off the huge debt. They decided to sell off the business and pay off the loan.

The board exams were round the corner and Lakshmi gave all the strength and motivation to Riya to face the odds and to come up with the flying colours. She gave all exams with full preparation as she knew she has to fulfil all the dreams her parents has seen for her. The result said it all. Riya secured a merit position in the district and was awarded a cash prize of INR 10k.

With this money she took admission in college for the graduation. Meanwhile, they converted the part of their house as a PG accommodation for girls. Because of the central location and the posh area it wasn’t difficult for them to get paying guests. Riya also started giving tuitions and earning her pocket money which was enough to meet her education expenses but she needed more money to pursue her big dream of becoming a pilot.

Lakshmi was a woman who knew the art of hard work. She opened a boutique to let Riya pursue her dream.

Riya denied to take admission in a flying club as the fees was too high for them. She told Lakshmi that her dream is not worth selling the house and she is not going to leave Lakshmi alone.

Lakshmi wanted to be her strength and not the weakness. She called Riya and took her to the terrace. She talked to Riya about her birth. How happy they were when she was born. She also told how as a mother she took charge of everything to make sure Riya was raised properly.

“I didn’t raise you as someone who will give up on her dream so easily”.

I have raised you to be a fighter. Fight hard and make your own destiny. We have survived a year after your dad and will do so till our last breath. But you have to fulfil all your dreams which we three have seen together so that your dad can rest in peace in heaven.”

Riya listened to her mother silently. She was at loss of words. Tear welled up in her eyes. She remained silent. They sat there on terrace for some time staring at the stars. The city look beautiful from their three storied house in Lucknow.

The silence was broken by Lakshmi again,”Riya, you have got this one life. Live it for yourself. Not for me or for your dad but for yourself. We all came to this world with the expiry date. But as we live we don’t realise that clock is ticking and our time can end even before we will know it. So Riya make use of the time in hand before it slips.”

Riya hugged her mother tightly and the tears started flowing down from her cheek.

The sun next day was shining little more brightly as Riya zeroed down on her options of a flying club and took the first step towards fulfilling her dreams.


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