I asked my daughter to come out of the park immediately, little in a stern voice. And soon I found the group of fellow mommies who have just arrived at the park staring at me. And then I was labelled as ‘Strict Mommy’.

The other day me and my daughter was at the stationery shop and she asked if she could buy a Mandala Art book. I checked the price and it looked little over priced to me. I told her we can buy it later. But she insisted me to buy it. I gave up and bought the book for her. Now again I was labelled by fellow shoppers as ‘spoiler mummy’.

Then at the party I was labelled ‘Careless mummy’ because I wasn’t running around my daughter and couldn’t saved my daughter from the fall that she had while playing with her friends. Of course I was keeping an eye on her but I was chatting with my friends too and she just fell and that’s okay. Children do fall and get hurt and that’s not mommy’s fault all the time, isn’t it?

Why every time anything that happened to child or child does is considered as a fault in the mother’s parenting style?

Women who arrived at the park didn’t know how many times I asked my daughter to come out of swings and finally I have to talk to her sternly so that she knows she is not allowed anymore in the park and it’s time to go home.

The people at the shop who thought I am spoiling my child by giving up and buying that book for her didn’t know that she had a typhoid and was on the break from the school so that she can rest. And I got her that book to engage her with some fun activity.

I can pen down many such incidents where I was labelled as not a good mom to my daughters but who cares.

I am sure almost all the moms must have find themselves in similar situations many a times.

Why are we so ready to judge that too without even knowing the person in question?

We all are no different. You living your life and I am living mine. We hardly know what’s going on in each other’s lives then why to pass these judgments and upset others.

Next time you see any mommy which according to your opinion is not doing her job properly please let it go. You don’t know why is she doing the way she is doing it.

No one is perfect and parenting is one thing which you learn as it comes to you. It’s a continuous learning process where you will not get any certification or A+ to prove yourself worthy of being parent.

So mommy lets do our job without trying to take the faults in other mommies.

Only a mother knows what is good for her child and tries to do best for her child in every situation.

Happy Mothering!

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