Dear Fellow Woman

This letter is for you all who is going to be a mum soon or have joined a Mother’s board recently. I hope it will help you in your journey and will bring a broad smile on your face.

The journey of motherhood is extremely beautiful at some point in time and the most difficult at other time. We all have our ‘awww’ moments and ‘perfect Kodak  moments’ and at the same time we also have a ‘headache’ moment and ‘leave me alone at least to pee in peace’ moment.

The pregnancy is in itself a phase in which our body goes through so many changes, physical as well as hormonal. As soon as we deliver, there are times when we can’t take our eyes off from the little one sleeping peacefully and then there are those time as well where we look at ourselves in the mirror and compare it with the gorgeous picture of ourselves taken at the honeymoon and then sigh heavily.

The broad waist, patchy skin and the millions of hair falling daily has worried us all. But these things get managed slowly and steadily. Don’t let these things worried you too much. Don’t try to take advice and follow each and everything. Just remember slowly and steadily is a mantra you need to follow to fight these after delivery problems.

The physical appearance is not that much a problem but the real problem lies in the disturbed emotional quotient which no one understands. The newly become mother can be as moody as she was during her pregnancy.

Not getting proper sleep and those long breastfeeding sessions are exhausting. Sore nipples, backache, swollen feet and heavy body; all of us goes through this.

We all need support at this time and mere physical presence of someone doesn’t work. When you feel low call your best friend even if its for five minutes it will surely cheer you up instantly. After all talking to a best friend is all the therapy we need at some point in time.

As much as there is a need to take care of a baby there is need to take care of yourself too. There is nothing wrong in that, do it unapologetically. Leave the house messy, don’t cook, don’t wash but take your dose of sleep. Don’t make yourself tired. Rest, relax and refresh yourself. A mother full of energy only can make her baby smile. This is a common mistake we all do probably because of that culprit perfectionist hidden in most of us and also because we feel proud to be a multi tasker. It’s good to be a multi tasker but not at the cost of your sleep. Rest when your body needs it.

It took me a long time to realize my husband can eat out, I can wash clothes later and house can be cleaned after I have taken my nap.

Don’t try to be a perfectionist because perfection is illusion.

Enjoy each day as it comes.

Just remember,

  • Parenting is similar to a battlefield you learn by yourself.
  • Not everything can be googled.

No matter how much time you have spent reading those parenting articles, the real battle starts when baby arrives and the journey can be somewhat similar to others but you will have your own set of problems.

And yes, the famous quote of the journey  ‘it will be easy when they will grow up a little’ is a myth. You are raising a child and its not going to be an easy task.

So dear fellow mums, enjoy each day as it comes. Spend more time playing with your little one rather than cleaning, scratching and scrubbing the floor, clothes and dishes. The children grows up pretty soon and then you will realize that you haven’t spend much time carrying them in your arms.

So, To be Mom and New Mom make memories and capture them as much as you can, everything else can wait.

Happy Mothering!

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