A Complete Information Guide on Pregnancy Week 16

In Pregnancy week 16, your baby begins to kick and you can also feel the movements of your baby.

The things are pretty much exciting during this week. Your baby can now hear your voice and will be able to recognize it at his/her birth. So, from this week onwards, you can start your mommy-baby talk. Exciting? This week pregnancy makes you three months and three weeks pregnant.

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Pregnancy is measured from the first day of your last menstrual period.

Fetal Development in Pregnancy Week 16: Pregnancy week 16

In Pregnancy week 16:

  • Size of baby – 4.57 inches (11.6 cm)
  • Weight of baby – 3.53 ounces (100 grams)
  • Baby is now like a size of an Avocado.

You may observe that your baby is growing rapidly adding more weight and inches week by week.

  • The baby’s skin is still translucent, but with the passage of few more weeks, it will change. The placenta is also growing and producing an increased amount of amniotic fluid that helps to protect the baby during pregnancy.
  • The baby’s head is more erect and stable than before. The eyes and ears are moving towards to actual position and giving your baby a more identifiable appearance.
  • And now the muscles and bones are also organized. Your baby can now give his/her facial expressions (as your little one’s facial muscles are slowly developing) but he/she won’t be having any control over them yet.
  • This week you may have your prenatal visit and ultrasound. In prenatal visit, you will also have the urine test (as usual) for checking the signs of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. If your ultrasound report is normal, then the chances of miscarriage will just reduce to 1 per cent. Isn’t it a good news?
  • The next good news is that now your baby can hear your voice (as in previous week your baby’s ear bones had started developing). Enjoy your happiness!
  • At this stage of pregnancy, your doctor may be able to make you hear your baby’s heartbeat rate using handheld Doppler ultrasound machine. During the second trimester of pregnancy, the fetal heartbeat per minute may range in between 120-160 beats.

Pregnancy week 16

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Moods & Symptoms in Pregnancy Week 16:

During your 16th week of pregnancy, you may notice the following body changes and symptoms:

  • First kicks – Your baby begins to kick and you can also feel the movements of your baby, but this is often mistaken for indigestion and stomach rumblings.
  • A change in your cup size – The size of breasts will increase and it is indicating that milk ducts and tissues are getting prepared for nursing your little one. So, it’s a shopping time! Yayyy!!
  • Glowing face – Your face might look brighter and shinier. This is due to an increased blood flow during pregnancy.
  • A Backache – A backache during pregnancy is common though it gives an uncomfortable feeling. This happens due to the pressure of growing uterus on your lower backbone. You may use a pillow to ease yourself.
  • Vaginal Discharge –  which is actually good as it prevents urinary tract from getting infected and irritated.
  • The cramps in the leg and the varicose veins are also common during this phase of pregnancy due to the growing weight of the uterus.
  • Constipation –  Again, a very common symptom prevailing in pregnancy.
[icon type=”icon-lamp”] Suffering from Constipation during Pregnancy? Looking for Home Remedies?Pregnancy week 16

Remedy- Take 10 Currant (Munakka) and boil with 1 glass milk. Now eat these Currants and drink that milk at night before going to sleep. You can repeat it for 2-3 days for chronic constipation.

Read more such effective Home Remedies for Constipation During Pregnancy.

Do’s and Don’ts in Pregnancy Week 16:

As the morning sickness has gone, so this is a good time to focus on your diet and health and to stay fit during your pregnancy period. Here are some tips for Pregnancy week 16 to follow: 

Eat right. Have nutritionally balanced and healthy diet.Quit spicy and oily foods as well as unhealthy lifestyle.
Exercise or practice Yoga. Take small nap in afternoon so that body can take rest.Stop doing activities which are associated with some risk.
Research on baby products and maternity healthcare products.Avoid having any OTC (Over the Counter) medicines as they may not be safe for your baby. Before consuming any medicine, consult your doctor.
Sleep on your sides.Avoid sleeping on your tummy.
Share your anxiety and fears with your partner.Do not hide your feelings. You may feel sometimes very low.
Enjoy and do fun with your growing bump by clicking photographs.Do not expose yourself to any harmful rays like X-rays, MRI Scan, etc.
Drink plenty of water (3 litres a day) to stay hydrated.Do not get addicted to caffeine. Drink in moderation.
Continue with your Folic acid every day. It is recommended to take Folic acid -600 mcg in second trimester of your pregnancy.Don’t take stress or exertion.

Whenever you feel low, call your best friend. That’s the best therapy for cheering yourself! 

Happy Pregnancy!

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