What if I told you, you can experience pregnancy before actually getting pregnant? Yes, that is very much possible with Sims 4. It is a brilliantly designed game that provides detailed insight into each and every phase of pregnancy. The role of mods is to make the game more fun and super interesting. The entire pregnancy is more detailed and keeps you on the toe.

Sims 4 is available for a while now and with every passing year more features are added and this is the reason it is considered as one of the best pregnancy mods.

Let’s have a look at the 143 brilliant Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods.

1. Pregnancy Mega Mod

The first one is the Pregnancy Mega Mod and it is the biggest and better this time. As per this mod, the same-sex couple can have a baby and can tweak in the chances for pregnancy. Additionally, you can all include any event which happens during the pregnancy phase.

The best part is, this Sim’s 4 pregnancy mod has a unique feature that allows you to have quintuplets, sextuplets, triplets and even you can select the gender of each baby.

2. MC Pregnancy Mod

In most of the Sim’s 4 pregnancy mods, you can find a similarity to the Command Center mod. This mod allows you to have full control over each and every aspect of Sim during the game.

In addition to it, you can also control the Sims pregnancy and you also have an option to terminate it. Moreover, you can also make notable changes in the term and number of babies by Sim. This Sim’s 4 baby mod offers more control on the Sim’s pregnancy.

3. Pregnancy Overhaul Mod

This is myis of my favorite, under this pregnancy mod Sims 4 you can change the Sim’s belly size. That means based on your preference you can make it smaller or bigger. You can also tweak in the pregnancy walk style and command the Sim to do things during their 1st and 2nd trimester that includes dancing, exercising, yoga and even swimming.

4. Labor Puddles

I would call this as a slice of life mod because going into labor is pretty much uncomfortable for Sims 4. There are cases when the water breaks, contractions, etc. Labor Puddles is also included for pets who are pregnant.

5. Longer or Shorter Pregnancy Time Mod

This one is unique and is also a slice of life mod Sims 4. Based on the play style, you can change the pregnancy time i.e. it can be too long or even shorter that lasts just 3 days. The Sim’s pregnancy can be longer and that too for 147 days. Isn’t that wow!!!

6. Stretch Marks Mod

SayingSay hello to the real world with this Sim’s 4 slice of life mod stretch mark is one terrific thing which each woman undergoes during pregnancy. There are few women who do feel self-conscious but it is a normal phenomenon. A wide number of stretch mark skin details can be accessed, you can set it lighter or darker on the skin. This feature brings realism to the pregnancy.

7. Pregnant Aging And Death

Do you know that Sim’s pregnancy makes her immortal and they do not even age during their pregnancy? If you want to go with the reality and want progress in the story, there is a mod available for this. Pregnant Aging and death is a slice of life Sim’s 4 which adds a dash of reality by including aging and mortality.

8. Instant Morning Sickness Mod

Morning sickness is an integral part of the pregnancy. Many pregnant women have to face this biggest challenge at least during the first trimester. Due to the change in the hormonal level, development of features and other factors, morning sickness is common. The Sim’s 4 pregnancy mod has included this as well.

9. Pregnancy Mood Buffs Mod

Mood swings during pregnancy are for real. Sim gets super happy when the pregnancy is positive. There are some people who might feel different when the pregnancy is confirmed.

This pregnancy mod Sim’s 4 allows the Sim to feel various emotions apart for just happiness. Sim can feel stressed, angry, sad, bored, etc. You can include only 1 type, make sure you choose wisely.

10. Babies For Everyone

In real life, only women can get pregnant but, in this game, there is no restrictionsamount of restrictions. Say hello to ultimate quality, Sim’s 4 pregnancy mods Sim can impregnate anyone. It could be human, non-human, male, female and even animals. This is one of the best Sim’s  4 pregnancy cheat.

11. Baby Shower Mod

Pregnancy without a baby shower is incomplete, this is part of Sim’s 4 slice of life mod. The baby shower is a mandatory celebration for expecting parents, family, and friends. The baby shower includes Sims narrating her pregnancy journey, view greeting cards, feel the baby’s moment.

12. Risky Woohoo

The Sim can be impregnated in 2 ways one is via alien abduction and another via Woohoo that showcases the best relationship of Sim with their respective partner. You get an option to replace the Woohoo and Sims can randomlycan get randomly get pregnant. There can also be changes in fertility levels and difficultly in the pregnancy.

13. Ultrasound Mod

One of the best parts about pregnancy is stealingis to stealing every opportunity to see your baby before birth and the big gender disclosure. This Sim’s 4 pregnancy cheat provides touch to reality and elevates the entire excitement. In this Ultrasound, Mod Sim undergoes ultrasound and it can be leftlet next to the bed or sentsend as a gift to close friends. Sim is excited to have the first image of an unbornof unborn baby, it always remainsremains always special. The ultrasound can be hung on the wall and can be preserved as a memory too.

14. Impregnate with simray

Let’s dive into something lighthearted, shall we? This mod allows you to use the simray by altering its transform function to impregnate. You can shoot a baby inside the women without her woohoo or anything like that. Explore each and every phase of pregnancy through Sim’s 4 pregnancy mod. It is a super fun game and can be an excellent time pass while you are waiting for the baby to come.

Certain Sims make you wish the kid was already born, while others make you feel like it’s simply too short. It’s always enjoyable to improve every part of the game, regardless of the sort of Sim you have. We’ve sorted through the greatest pregnancy modifications and listed them here for you, fellow Sims fans! Please be advised that some of these modifications are not for the faint of heart. Each has a function, and you’ll find them beneficial in one of two ways: by adding a layer of complexity to the game, or by simply assisting your Sim in getting through her pregnancy in a more pleasant manner. There are other modifications that allow male Sims to become pregnant. There are just too many to choose from to determine which is the finest.

  • Teen pregnancy mod

This mod is exactly what it says on the tin. It permits teens to engage in sexual activity while playing the game. I know what you’re thinking, and no, it’s not illegal because teenagers may technically be 18+. They’re also not actual individuals; they’re computerised.

And it still feels a little off, but well, to each his or her own. Maybe you’re an adolescent who understands what you’re doing. Perhaps you’d want to make a Sims version of Teen Mom. Who knows what will happen! This is still one of the community’s most popular modifications.

  • Wicked whims

I’m aware that Wicked Whims has always been linked to sex above everything else. But believe us when we say that this mod has developed into the finest addition to a Sims game in a long time.

Because of the latest connection modifications, developing relationships has become a much more important aspect of the game. With the inclusion of monthly cycles, pregnancies become a whole other challenge.A wonderful update that also serves a useful purpose for Sims fans beyond the age of 18.