Come along. Let us explore the world of Pregnancy week by week by looking at fetal development, moods & symptoms with do’s and don’ts and pregnancy-related frequently asked questions. Here we’ll explore the various stages of pregnancy and what you can expect throughout each trimester.

First Trimester Weeks:

Congratulations! Finally, you have made a baby. In your 1st Trimester, you don’t look pregnant, but your body undergoes a lot of changes. Here, hormonal changes play a major role. This is a very crucial trimester for your pregnancy. So, you have to take extra care of yourself. Learn what you can expect and important information about do’s & don’ts during the first trimester of pregnancy. 

First Trimester


Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7
Week 8Week 9Week 10Week 11Week 12Week 13



Second Trimester Weeks:

Pregnancy is a journey of several changes and bypassing all changes you’ve now reached to your second trimester of pregnancy. 2nd Trimester is considered to be the most comfortable period. Here, early pregnancy symptoms disappear and you will start looking pregnant. Start your mommy baby talk in this trimester. Check out the complete information that what changes and development you can expect in your pregnancy week by week. 

Second Trimester


Week 14Week 15Week 16Week 17Week 18Week 19Week 20
Week 21Week 22Week 23Week 24Week 25Week 26Week 27

Third Trimester Weeks:

Welcome to the last trimester of pregnancy. You will meet your baby soon! In your 3rd Trimester, you will be asked to visit your doctor more often which is going to be followed by several blood tests, urine tests, and liver functioning tests. Let us understand what changes will happen in your fetal development and how you will behave with your moods and symptoms. Know what kind of care you will have to take in Do’s and Don’ts section in your pregnancy week by week. 

Third Trimester


Week 28Week 29Week 30Week 31Week 32Week 33Week 34Week 35
Week 36Week 37Week 38Week 39Week 40Week 41Week 42

Happy Pregnancy!

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