Its true when mom is around, kids are worse.If the kid is fussy eater then situation worsens more.Kids who are fussy eater are very selective about what they eat, reject food that they like one day but then happily eat them the next.This happens with my kid too. One day he will relish on Upma next day he will become picky and squeamish and get full quickly thus wasting the remaining. He would love to eat chicken in any form anytime everyday but will get stomach pain mere at the sight of spinach. Picky eaters or fussy eaters tends to waste food on their plate a lot. So in this article I will be discussing few tips for Teaching kids to waste less food.


Truth you can’t make children unfussy. No amounts of commands, nagging, cajoling tellings off or bribes will do it. The more you say, the more you show you care, the more you give them to react against. Its an open invitation battle.

We need to make some minor changes in our routine to reduce the amount of food wasting. So here are few tips for Teaching kids to waste less food:

1. Pack right portion sizes– Suppose you give a whole fruit as snack in lunch box then its less likely that child will finish it.So cut into small pieces and pack it.Just make the food easy.

2. If the kid declares that he is full before finishing reasonable amount of the meal,save the leftover.Always give in small portions.

3. Avoid snacking in between meals. It reduces their appetite for healthy meal.

4. If kid is old enough allow them to serve themselves. Encourage them to take small portions and then go back for more if they are still hungry.This way they are more likely to learn or gauge their appetite and are less likely to have plate waste.

5. Ask them to help you in household budget, setting table for dinner,cleaning the dishes.Get them to think how hard farmers have to go through to put the Roti on his plate which they took two bites and threw away.

6.For toddlers its not possible for them in self help mode.So instead of trying to force them to eat whats in the plate, introduce one thing at a time and in small amount. Allow them to spit it out or throw away they are more likely to accept trying something new.

Never ever harp about the thing “eat everything on your plate“. Focus more on eating until they are full and ensure that what they do eat constitutes a well balanced meal.

So these are the tips for Teaching kids to waste less food. As important not wasting food is equally important to not to create a mindset of “eating an obligation” that can leaf to poor eating habit.

Happy Parenting with BuddingStar …!

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