Science of Sleep

Reasons of Insomnia problem in Pregnancy

Effective tips for good sleep during Pregnancy

Science of Sleep

Most women experience sleep problems during their 9 months journey. According to the National Sleep Foundation 1998 Women and Sleep poll, 78%reported disturbed sleep during pregnancy than other times. The effect of sleep to the unborn baby in pregnant women cannot be underestimated. The science of sleep depicts the release of hormone progesterone which induces excessive sleepiness and fatigue during the daytime. It has been seen links between poor sleep and complications during birth such as low weight, pre term issues, disrupting normal immune process etc.

Mothers-to-be need at least 7 hours of sleep in bed during the night. Preferably, the insomnia problem can be due to various reasons.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, you just found out to be pregnant. Due to lots of physical and emotional changes, sleep can be disturbed. Frequent urination, anxiety, vivid dreams, fatigue can cause sleeplessness.

When you step into your second trimester of pregnancy, lost energy feels like coming back but still rest is needed. Heartburn issues with leg cramp can create hindrance in sleeping pattern.

The sleep issues become more terrible in the final trimester of pregnancy. The size of the belly is increased; back pain can be a new problem. Anxiety levels become higher in this phase. Frequent urination, nasal congestion and snoring add up to the resulting.

Effective tips for good sleep during pregnancy

Here are some tips which can help in getting quality sleep:

1. Stress free activities

Sleep pattern of pregnant women is generally hampered by physical and emotional stress. To overpower this, one should get involved in various stress reduction activities and things that makes you feel happy like reading, listening music, gardening or even few minutes of walk.

2. Reducing day time sleeping hours

More sleep during the day time can leave you awake in the nights. It is advisable to have small naps of about 30 to 60 minutes. But do take small nap so that your body can rest.

3. Exercise regularly

May it be little workout or yoga in the morning, it will definitely regularize your day time activities. Avoiding workouts in evening can help in good sleep.

4. Relaxation techniques- 

To improve your sleep it is necessary to have certain techniques like deep breathing, massage, warm shower etc. which are proven to relieve anxiety levels and stress.

5. Proper bed time schedule

Everyday sleep routine should be charted out and sticking to the schedule is a must for proper night sleep.

6. Positioning on the left side

Snoozing on your left side relieves the pressure exerted by the uterus and helps in better blood flow for the baby. Practicing to sleep in this position will help in sleeping better when the belly becomes bigger.

7. Pleasant environment

Make the room clean, ventilated with dim light for uninterrupted sleep.

8. Pillows

Having pillows for your back and tummy can provide extra comfort and support. Even, body pillows between your legs can ease your back and you can have a good sleep experience.

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9. Cutting down intake of fluids

Drinking of plenty of fluids in the day time is essential but try to cut in late evenings to minimize night time urination.

10. Watching out what you eat

It’s not preferable to have spicy foods in the evenings as it can cause heartburn. Preferring smaller meals and avoiding caffeinated drinks can help you as such.

Hope my blog will help you in understanding the science of sleep during your pregnancy and guide you in eliminating your sleep issues.

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Happy Pregnancy!!

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