Are you looking for a platform which can help you put your views at the forefront? If yes, then, you have indeed scrolled down the right link.

We all as individuals would have always come across situations where we have a lot to say or to contribute in a discussion but maybe due to our insecurities or due to the fear of being judged we suppress that urge and choose to keep quiet on that particular topic. All of this keeps on adding up, and after a certain point, it becomes our habit to keep the thoughts to ourselves.

India is a democratic nation, which provides freedom of speech and expression to all its citizens. It is widely believed and true that opinions and feelings hold great importance in today’s world.

Going with the value that digital platforms hold in the present time, Opinedan online portal, firmly believes and promotes that opinions be expressed and valued. In the times when paid news pieces, campaigns, and polls are gaining value, Opined emphasizes on the rawness of any updates, opinions, and matters.

Opined not only pays attention to professionals, activists, news-persons, or media people but, it also provides equal opportunity to the female population like mothers, for example, to express their views in regards to their parenting styles and techniques, their experiences while they are raising their children as they do, the hurdles which they come across in this process, so on and so forth. Opined is far away from discriminating between gender, social status, caste, etc.

Opined is emerging as a rescuer for all of these individuals because it is a fantastic platform that allows us to share our thoughts without any fears or preconceived notions.

Yes, you heard it right! On Opined, we can express our feelings and views or be part of the discussions that are happening without fear of being judged because of the positive energy that has been taught on the platform. The creators of Opined have perhaps understood the value of being heard and understood by those who constitute a society which we live in. As readers, you might be thinking that how can an expression of views on a social media platform make you feel important and wanted? But to correct you one does contact liberated, and it is a proven fact in psychology that about 65% concerns of an individual could be eradicated by just making the person believe that they are being heard or their thoughts could make a difference.

I am a woman, and I know how immensely overjoyed I feel once I’m heard. The energy booster I get when I see that my thoughts are being taken into consideration compares to nothing. I have never claimed that I am always correct or my thoughts are perfect but, as an individual it makes me feel accepted that yes even I can be a part of this dynamics around me no matter if it is at home, workplace or a supermarket I have opinions because I’m a human, not a robot I can feel, sense, comprehend and do get affected by the way things are around me. It is my right to be able to say my thoughts loud and clear so that everyone could hear it. This is the main motto behind Opined to make you feel accepted.

As women, we are expected to be multitaskers. We are supposed to play each role as perfectly as possible, whether it is of a daughter, sister, wife, mother, or a colleague. We are expected to be the best in all of it. Yes, we can do it because we are created and brought up in such a way that we can deal with it all at once. But, is the society retaliating and returning all of it? Is it providing us the opportunity to express and discuss our concerns?

At workplaces, she is looked down, silenced. At home, although, she is supposed to be running the household, she is deprived of her fundamental right, which is to make decisions and discuss the essential household matters. Why is it always and everywhere that she is dictated and not heard? A woman in no capabilities is lesser than her male colleague; she is performing the same tasks but is paid lower than him. No matter which industry or profession one is in she has been facing this at some point in her life.

Opined is here to help women to stand up against all these reservations we are surrounded by and stand up for ourselves. Opined is here to provide the users with an experience that would last with them forever.  They would be gaining more confidence in being vocal with their thoughts so that it could be a two-way process.

So, in the end, I hope that you will be able to accept our small effort in the form of Opined to help you.

About Akansha Bansal

Post graduate in Masters of Business Administration from Panjab University, Chandigarh. She live with a notion “SIMPLE LIVING, HIGH THINKING” and have an optimistic approach towards life. Always eager to learn new things... She loves to write blogs on parenting. She is the Co-founder of "Budding Star".

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