Can Money buy you happiness? Yes, of course it can, it can buy you a lambo, a ticket to wonderland, and have you ever seen a person sad when they are in these two? Nope.

But the question arises that can money buy you permanent happiness or not?

The answer to the question goes as follows:


Firstly, you can’t sit in your LAMBORGHINI  All the time or can’t live in WONDERLAND.

Secondly, happiness can’t be bought ?.

It is something that arises from inside and if you will depend on the money for happiness then you won’t be ever happy as things won’t finish and so will be your needs, so you won’t be satisfied ever!

Leo Tolstoy once said – “IF YOU WANT TO BE HAPPY, BE”. Yes, it is that easy man! Tell me what is stopping you from getting happy? Your ego, your jealousy, your unsatisfied nature or more things like these which can be destroyed in a minute or maximum two!

Do you know when are you depressed?
– When you can’t find a washroom in emergency.

Do you know when are you happy?
-When someone tells you where the nearest washroom is in that situation!


P. E. A. C. E


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