Since change and progress are constants, each generation has its own values, preferences, and attitude toward life. This distinction is what is meant by the term “generation gap.” As a result, there is frequently a breakdown in communication and connection between the two generations because their perspectives on the world were shaped by the way society operated when they were adolescents.

The main cause of today’s generational separation between parents and children is the generational gap. We are all aware that as a result of changing lifestyles and environmental factors, children’s minds are also changing. Today’s youth dislikes having their personal affairs interfered with by others. They also dislike having their parents dictate what they should do, and if their parents try to do this, their children misbehave toward them. It is natural to wonder why all of this is happening. Is it the fault of the parents, or is it the result of the generation gap? In essence, the generational divide is a product of human behaviour.

Kids always say that there is a generation gap parents and child or generation gap between parents and child that they can’t communicate with their parents or their grandparents in a good manner, or I would say that they aren’t interested in it. Kids these days try to discuss their problems with their close friends and in the end say that my parents don’t understand me. Kids will understand parents only if you let them do so in a polite manner and talk to them about their problems and expectations and that might even reduce the parent gap. Remember being a parent is not a compulsion but it’s a choice which is being proven wrong in today’s world, I must say.

For example, when someone goes for an interview they are asked about qualifications or their experience. The thing experience matters a lot, kids are saying that 40 years old isn’t understanding them (who are 14 years old). They say that they are from different generations and we are from different. Oh!  But they don’t remember that they are the ones who chose for development and change the generations. Kids today don’t like if they are told to change and not kids despite everybody as it’s human nature which resists change and builds up the generation gap with parents. But kids earlier did change for at least the sake of their parents but today kids say that we will only do what we want to and nothing else, but they aren’t understanding that they are being guided by the ones who have been through the road they are on!

I suggest if you are a kid and have grandparents then do talk with them, do learn from them because no matter what they are wiser than you and they’ll tell you those things that are not found on Google! And as for parents, everyday communication with your children should be prioritised. At the end of the day, chatting about each other’s days can help you get to know one another and make it easier to be yourself around one another. Parents should give their children uninterrupted speaking time, and listen to what they have to say. Your child will feel a lot closer to you if you take the time to learn about their ideas and perspectives. This is because they will believe that you care about what they want or how they feel.

These things will definitely help two groups come together and make them understand each other in a lot better way! Also,

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