Parents Teacher Meeting

Parent teacher meeting for some of the students is the best part of their schools while for some is the worst part of their school. Why are we saying it is the best part because for the achievers and those students who study, being in a parent teacher meeting is good? The reason behind it is that they always perform well in the class and thus, teachers will appraise them in front of their parents which means they will feel better and overwhelmed to see the response that they receive from the teachers.

On the other hand, for the back benchers, or for those who do not study properly, it becomes a tedious task to face both their parents and teachers at the same time. Their teachers will scold them in front of their parents and highlight their mistakes in front of them. Thus a feeling of embarrassment and that they are of no use will come in their mind. For them, a parent-teacher meeting is not at all a good experience.

So, parent-teacher meetings hold different importance in people’s lives. For some, it is a great opportunity to showcase their talent of studying and for some, it is the worst nightmare.

Parent teacher meeting
Three words enough to scare a child,
Some owe a lot fearing
Some have a behaviour called wild
Few are curious
Many are furious !!
Mainly divided into two categories
Some have worries, others give worries
by the teacher we are frighten
Now realizing what we have done
Teachers say we have lied
after going home we are fried
This beautiful occasion gives mini-heart attack
and then there is negative plaudits on our back
But now it’s over forget it,
mischievous are waiting, lets do it!

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