If you have kids, you may be suspicious. What is the best way to approach their surely boundless energy? Dance classes are a great substitute to team supports. Dancing is an active physical exercise, and kids who take dance lessons daily should conclude to see a compelling improvement in their overall physical health. We at budding star, give some Best dance classes for kids in Chandigarh.

Regular dance can increase your child’s flexibility, stamina, physical health and range of motion. The repetitive moves in dance can increase muscle tone, coordination and balance. For the overweight children, dance can potentially helpful for them to lose weight and improve eating habits.

Dance lessons helps the kids to improve their communication and social skills, like develop a great sense of trust and make new friends and cooperation. If your child is shy, dance is helpful for him/her. Dance can help her to reach out to other children and help to reduce her/ him anxiety about places and people.

At budding star, we give some Best dance classes for kids in Chandigarh. Some of these are given bellow:

  • OMG Dance academy:

    OMG Dance academy is one of the best dance academies for your child in Chandigarh. Located at House no. 2702 sector 49, Chandigarh. This academy provide all type of dancing facilities like western dance, folk dance etc.

  • Showstoppers dance fitness point:

    Showstopper dance academy is located at sector 37, Chandigarh. This is also one of the best dance academies in Chandigarh with all modern facilities.

  • Learn dance:

    If you live in sector 36, Chandigarh and looking for a dance academy for your child then Learn Dance is one of the best option for you.

  • Raj kala mandir:

    Raj kala mandir dance academy is located at sector 33, Chandigarh. it is one of the best dance academy in sector 33, with all facilities and many different dance forms.

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                         Best dance classes for kids in Chandigarh



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