Every parent wants to provide the best to their child but the social class of parents has a greater impact on the overall upbringing of the child and their performances at school and life. The life of a child from the upper class looks more different than the life of the lower class. When it comes to educating and parenting a child, the social class of parents definitely contributes a lot.

Parents of all classes work hard to provide the best to their children. Be it the lower class or the upper class, the efforts are equal but the output may vary a little. For every parent, their child is special and a blessing, they are responsible to raise a good human being. Today’s parent understands the importance of providing good education to the kids and is focused to give them the best upbringing.

Role of Social Class in Parenting:

Upper-Class Parenting Style

When it comes to parenting, upper-class families usually prefer to enroll a child in extracurricular classes, soccer’s, after school programs and read bedtime stories and a lot more. The kids are well supervised and there are frequent conversations about the feelings and thoughts. The parents of kids in professional and management jobs tend to have a bigger influence on a child. The kids observe their parents and consider them as a role model.

May upper-class parents are focused to provide special attention to their child, this is the reason they prefer to home school the kids. In the case of homeschooling, a particular curricular is followed and the kids are trained under expert educators. Upper-class kids learn trending technologies and education patterns, all thanks to the expert guidance.

Parents are interested in following different teaching approaches like the Montessori method. This type of education involves a lot of practical learning, the child is motivated to learn the life skills in a fun and educational manner. From the upper-class parentings, kids learn time management, specialization in skillset and trending technology.

Middle-Class Parenting Style

Major population falls under middle-class parenting, the parents are focused to provide the best in spite of monitory and other restrictions. When it comes to middle-class people, parents send their kids to a good private school where majorly ICSE or CBSE pattern is followed. A middle-class child does not get special attention but the child is determined to perform the best.

All thanks to the middle-class parenting skills, parents want their kids to excel in their domain and stay ahead of them. Middle-class parenting cultivates moral values to the child and they emphasize the overall development of the child via various teaching methodologies. In this type of parenting, the primary focus is to raise a socially responsible child who is also well educated.

Under middle-class parenting, kids are treated similar to adults so that they can have a sense of entitlement and social responsibilities. The role of the middle class includes in parenting a lot because moral values are inculcated in the child during their growing years. It starts with sharing their belongings to helping each other in tough times.

Each and everything has a deep impact on the overall growth of the child. The kids are taught to negotiate and ask questions, the parents are more than happy to help the child when they need the most.

Lower Class Parenting Style

The lower class people also take huge responsibility when it comes to raising their children well. They want their kids to be social and economically well unlike their parents. When it comes to parenting style, the parents hardly spend time with the child but the little time spend teaches a lot of things to the child.

In India, may low class parents cannot afford expensive education, this is the reason major lower class kids are enrolled in government schools. Thankfully, the government is offering the best and smart education choices to the students. In spite of their financial struggles, parents are working hard to provide the best education and upbringing to the child.

Moreover, the youth and current generation also encourage lower-class kids to study by conducting night classes, weekend classes, etc.  When it comes to a lower-class parenting style, the parents want their children to inculcate life skills and stay independent by choosing the path of education.

Good parenting is not about the present given to the child but it is the presence of parents when the child needs the most.  Whatever may be the social class of parents, all the parents are focused to provide the best to their child. The primary goal of all the parents is to raise an independent, skilled, responsible, intellectual and good human.

If the child is passionate about learning, whatever may be the class they can excel in their domain. Good parenting starts with teaching life skills and moral values to the kids. A hearty conversation and gentle parenting are a must. All you need is to treat the child with respect and love.

Happy Parenting!