Why Is Nani’s House The Best Place In The World?

All children consider Nani house as a blessing. It is that time of year when they get to go to a place that is like heaven to them. Well, why not? Endless chocolates, unlimited care from Nana and Nani, freedom to do enough mischief, watch TV for as long as you want, listen to educational bedtime tales from Nani and Nanu, and finally fall asleep soundly – Nani’s home is a blessing. Indeed, it ought to be this way because their Nani pampers them to the fullest.

The Nani home provides children plenty of space to play around and cause new problems for her at all times! Being at Nani house like a child’s fantasy where they can get into any trouble they want without worrying that their mother will chastise them since they know Nani shall come to their rescue. The day when they visit their Nana Nani house, the moment as their break starts is one that children anxiously anticipate. In this blog, there are a few Nani ka ghar quotes and you will even get to know Nani house in English meaning.

In our summer vacations, the first thing that we like to do is to visit our Maternal home or what we lovingly call Nani’s home. Summer Vacations at Nani’s house are the best feeling that you cannot even express. You ought to experience a lot while you are travelling from your house to your Nani’s house. She treats us with utmost love and affection and fulfils all our wishes. But there are a few things that are unique to our Nani house memories and they are-

  •   The doors are always welcoming and always give us a sense of love and affection that nobody can resist.
  •   Not only this, the peace in Nani’s house is just what you want after your hectic schedule. The sounds of the birds chirping and making you love more and more.
  •   Another best thing in Nani Ghar is the food that she makes for us. With our favourite food and delicious sweets, it becomes the best place for us.
  •   Most importantly, Nani takes care of us. She always comes roaming around our room and checks if we are okay or not. That is why Nani’s house makes us feel good and overwhelmed.
  •   Further, it is good to recall all the memories that we once enjoyed in our Nani ka Ghar.

Nani House- Yaadein yaad aati hain

Baatein bhul jati hain……..

The word “Nani house” fills me with thrill, lot of joy and takes me to that wonderful world filled with happiness. Well, not only joy but nani house memories are synonymous with no worry of anything. The place where we are never worried about irritating school projects and homework. The days were full of fun, frolic, and endless Masti. The real smiles and happiness that happened at that phase of life are now a memory only.

The most cherished time…….. Kuch yaadein!!

  • Nani red Gas Wala Gubbara…
  • Budhiya ke Baal… wow kitni lucky hai, uske pink Baal hain…
  • Ganne ka juice ….. 3 rupees wala bada glass
  • Dudh wali ice cream… Yummy!
  • Gajar juice.. Red muuchein
  • Dudwale k ghar Jana… ek ek cow ko touch kr ke dekhna
  • Nani ke hath ki chulhe ki bhuni hui shakarkandi.. Really no dessert can replace it.
  • Wo bade wala garden aur Mali bhaiya..Roz ek nimbu Tod kar khud shikanjwi bnana (gharwali Limca)
  • Gali ke breadwale ke cherry buns….no pizza, a burger can have that taste…


At the end of vacation, we were all packed to go back to dadi house. By this time we started missing our dadi. But now I can feel the pain of Nani who used to wait for us for long six months. At that time we were not having even mobile phones. Even landlines were rare. And we the innocent kids used to say, Nani next holidays mein aaenge, ab dadi house ki yaad aayi thi. And she used to smile and say, “beta mein intzaar karungi”. The list is endless like the deep ocean of happy memories….

I want to go back and relive those innocent happy days and nani house memories though it’s a fantasy only. I think most of the people of our generation are having similar childhood memories. We have lost that innocence. Life is moving fast, in fact very fast leaving us with no time to have even real smiles on our faces. We can’t get back to those days but yes, we can relive the same through our kids.

So, I will share my experience here..

I am a mom to two kids, one is 4, and the other is 1. As my younger one turned six months, I started being frustrated as the elder one started dominating the little one in all the ways, either the toys or eatables. He may be feeling possessive. I used to be so tired after a long day with household chores and kids. Even I was not able to devote time to make my son study.

And this was getting reflected in his grooming. I had no time to take him to the park, dance class, or music class. He started spending time on gadgets which I never ever wanted. I know I was overly concerned but all these circumstances left me alone in the pool of tears. My behaviour started depicting my frustrations. One fine day my husband suggested that we could send Daksh (my elder son) to Nani’s house in the winter break so that he can also relax a bit and he will get a change as well.

Daksh was so excited about going there. He packed his bags. And the evening of the last working day of his school was so exciting for him as the same evening my brother came to pick him up for Nani’s home. His joy knew no bounds…..so excited and happy he was. Even I was very happy and relaxed too. That was the long-awaited evening for me and for my hubby too as we went for fine dining that night. Though I used to miss Daksh, Mom and son used to have good video call sessions.

Sometimes, people used to blame me for sending him away but we knew how happy he was there. Every day he used to tell me his routine at Nani’s home and I started relating it to my sweet childhood and loving Nani house memories.

Daksh improved tremendously in sports, studies, morals. The change was drastic. The best part was that I re-lived my Nani’s and my friendship through this intelligent decision of my hubby. Nani house is an amazing place. Please don’t deprive your kids of this lifetime cherish-able experience.

Even I miss my days spent at Nani house…

Koi lauta de woh chuttiya,

Koi lauta de woh mastiyaan,

Koi dohra de voh kisse kahaniya,

Kho gye wo gudde-gudiya,

Badal gyi saari duniya,

Nani, ab Sayani ho gyi apki bitiya….

Everywhere we are known by the name of our father, but Nani house is the only place our mother’s name knows us. The love and affection from Nani are irreplaceable; she is like a Santa who gives you everything you ask for and more. Every time we went there, we came back with a bag of smiles and love, but I remember goodbye was the hardest part. The tears in her eye broke me to my core every time I went away from her. Nobody can replace the pure love Nani has in her heart for you and that is why summer vacations at Nani’s house will always be special.

Summer vacation is a time when kids want to forget about everything and just enjoy themselves. Going to Nani’s home allows them to do so. Nani’s house is like a royal palace for kids because they are free to do whatever they want to. Enjoy their time over there by playing indoor games, going out, following their hobbies, etc. All of this not only allows kids to have a memorable time but also build a better relationship with their Nana and Nani. Spending time with Nana and Nani increases kids knowledge and also instils responsibility and manners in them.

Some Things Can Only Happen In Nani’s House:

  • Your mother stays up all night gossiping with your grandma and Masi…
  • You also get to listen to so many stories about how your mother had been when they were younger. Nani house memories are always cute.
  • Your mum too gets scolded if she scolds you.
  • The whole day you get to eat your favorite food items, you are fed with lots of love and care.
  • You can wake up late in the morning and none utters even a word to you for sleeping so late.
  • You pile into bed alongside your relatives and stand in line to use the restroom.
  • You hunt up old pictures and engage in board games while everyone else around you giggles uncontrollably.
  • Spending time along with your Nani, nane, masi’s and other relatives throughout the summertime feels like one big party.
  • Being at nani house is special because you have the opportunity to skip or delay doing your summer vacation homework.

‘Nani ke Nuske’ is carried from generations, and we can never replace the amount of experience they have in life with our knowledge. It was unbelievable how she always had a ‘nuska’ for every problem. From making sweaters and monkey caps for us to protect us from catching a cold to making a magic potion every time we fell ill, she is no less than a superman. Nani always tries to make summer vacations at Nani’s house extra special for you with good lip-smacking food. Nani always used to tell us about her unique hair fall ingredients with a complimentary ‘Champi session ‘that is to die for; not only did we get a great ‘champi’ and got to hear stories from her life that always made me smile. Nani house is a place where you can always cherish and enjoy.

How has Nani’s House shaped family bonds and values?

These spaces frequently act as safe houses where customs are maintained, stories are shared, and connections are sustained. In such conditions, relatives get familiar with the significance of association, regard for older folks, and the worth of family ancestry. 

Grandparents frequently bestow shrewdness, social legacy, and customs, cultivating a feeling of personality and having a place in more youthful ages. Furthermore, the glow and love experienced at “Nani’s Home” can make enduring recollections and fortify familial bonds, giving a groundwork of help and love that reaches out past close relatives.


1. What are the benefits of being in nani’s home?

Nani house is a blessing for all mothers and children during vacation. The cycle to do and receive endless love, delicious chocolates, playing board games, keep watching TV all day, and many more things at nani ghar are never-ending. There are several nani home advantages such as:

  • Children have lots of room to play and trouble her constantly at home with fresh issues! It resembles a child’s ideal house that allows them to misbehave any way they choose without fear of their mother punishing them because they know Nani would step in to save the day. Children look forward to the day when they go to the house of nani once their vacation begins.
  • Since children get only a few days a year to connect and build a bond with their maternal grandparents, visiting the nani house during vacation allows them to create unlimited nani house memories. They get to listen to some funny and unheard stories about their mother’s childhood and go back through old pictures in the photo album.
  • Fewer restrictions since you do not have to wake up and go to school. You can get in bed late, and therefore even wake up late. Nobody is there to scold you or you won’t even get stressed about sleeping early.

2. How important is it to spend time with grandparents?

Children that have grandparents involved in their life are fortunate. Young people benefit greatly from spending quality time with their elders on psychological, social, intellectual, and physical levels. Visiting grandmother and grandpa for the weekend? The best decision ever! 

Even three-year-olds have negative sentiments toward elderly folks. Spending quality time with elders can significantly lower young people’s ageist sentiments.

The capacity of grandparents to instantly make young children smile is amazing. Parents, particularly those who have smaller kids, may regularly be exhausted and long for a shower, food, or five quiet minutes. Interacting with grandparents who do not share a residence with their grandkids can be especially meaningful for both parties. In addition to having more stamina and tolerance when interacting with small children due to their retirement, grandparents also give the parents a very much break. Everyone wins when they spend quality time with their grandparents.

3. What makes Nani’s House special?

“Nani’s Home” holds a unique spot in the hearts of relatives because of the glow, love, and feeling of having a place it offers. It fills in as a safe haven where ages assemble to share stories, make recollections, and fortify familial bonds.

4. How does Nani’s House contribute to family bonding?

“Nani’s Home” assumes a crucial part in encouraging family holding by filling in as a center point for shared encounters, customs, and treasured recollections. It gives a soothing and recognizable climate where relatives of any age assemble to interface, celebrate, and support each other.

5. Can I recreate the charm of Nani’s House in my own home?

Reproducing the appeal of “Nani’s Home” in your own house is without a doubt conceivable, as it’s about the actual space as well as the environment of warmth, love, and fellowship it epitomises. Begin by encouraging a climate of friendliness and welcome, where relatives feel great and esteemed

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