When a child is born, parents are the ones who assure unconditional love to them. The upbringing of children is entirely depended on the parent’s love and care. Whether it is mental or physical growth, emotional or social development, career or financial establishment, our parents help us in every possible way. Ask about the value of parents to those who have lost their parents at a very early age. They know the hardships and struggles to lead a life without parents.

Parents have a high influence on children in many ways including how they walk, talk or act in front of others. In India, the younger generation still follows the advice’s given by their elders. So, they are like the roots which will make us strong enough to sustain any storm that can come in our life. The truth is that our parents are the essential part to help us to overcome our insufficiencies and improve our attributes.

Their contributions in a child’s development:

The importance of parents in a child’s development is the key for better life and the strength in his/her character.

  • Unconditional love by them

We all know that god can’t be present everywhere so he made parents. These divine souls our parents are the ones who shower real love on us. They share our sorrows to reduce the pain. They multiply our happiness with their presence.

Love and care are equally vital elements like food and shelter for every human being. The ones who remain away from parent’s love may become a loner and face many tough times in their lives.

  • Parents guidance during adolescence phase

Every child will go through adolescence phase when they are teenagers and they feel a huge generation gap with their respective parents during this time. It is a tricky phase for parents as well. Parents often think that their children are still young and childish. They are prone to doing mistakes by involving themselves in wrong situations. Whereas the children who are now little grown-ups think they can manage themselves. And they fail to understand the mentality of parents who doesn’t allow them to go outings with friends, night outs or picnics to faraway places etc.

Communication is the key secret to this solution. Both parents and children should share all the inner feelings and desires so that things get easier.

Importance of parents in our life

  • Moral support by Parents

Having parents by our sides gives us moral support for every hurdle that we face. If a small kid falls and get hurt, mother provide the immediate mental support and consoles the child. If a man ever faces difficulty at any point of time, parents give the initial moral support and strength to tackle the situation.

Failure can come to us anytime and it is quite obvious for all of us. The knowledge given by our parents helps us to survive and manage that scenario.

  • Financial support by Parents

Many privileged people get the financial support by their parents which help to establish themselves in their careers or future endeavors. Sufficient financial assistance by parents provides them to perceive their hobbies or education without worrying for money.

Young people can achieve good posts in their parent’s company or with the support they can even start up a new business.

  • Role of Parents in our education

Parent’s endless effort to earn for the living so that they can provide a proper education to their children is worth mentioning. When the child get good marks in examinations, happiness can be seen on the faces of the parents.

Parents are the child’s first teacher in the early years. So learning starts from home and then followed to school. Parents make us understand the value of education through an exciting and meaningful learning process.

They pay attention to the minute requirements of a child by exploring nature, playing or doing activities, reading or cooking and spending many more precious moments together.

importance of Parents in our life

  • Family support given by our Parents

Life surprises us at times and we face some failures. Parents are biggest support when failures like divorce or accidents occur. They provide instant support and strength to deal with our failures and resume our normal life. Similarly, we have seen a lot of times serious effects on the children of divorced parents as they become depressed in life.

Family support can be great advantage. We even learn prayers, spirituality and other aspects to build our strength back after failure. Also, joint families are real help when we are becoming parents. Our mother, grandmother or mother in law is very experienced in any queries related to child birth and pregnancies. Their support during our pregnancy days or initial days after child birth is like boon for us.

In India, where family follows traditional family rules, parents also help us to make us understand the requirement and awareness of marriage. They even solve many minor or major compatibility issues between couples.

  • Role of Parents in child’s confidence build up and in child’s success

Parents always want their children to succeed in life. So, they keep forcing us to follow the right path. We can see all over the world many successful human beings who are giving credits to their parents. Numerous success stories depict the guidance and advice’s given by parents.

The sole objective of parental encouragement is to build and boost their child’s confidence so that they grow up to an independent respectable person. The child should become self-responsible and can easily climb the ladder of achievement.

Childhood is the most precious period of life where we gain all kind of experiences. We keep the lessons learned during this phase of life in mind for ever. Security and safety are the fundamental requirements from parents when a child is born. Children who grow up in a state of fear due to aggressive or impulsive parents find it hard to lead life properly.

Parents let their love flow by their verbal expressions, touch of appreciation and various encouragement actions. Efficient and successful parents can convey their love to children.

Our responsibilities towards our Parents

There are uncountable thoughts that can crowd our minds to show the importance of parents in our life. More appropriately, parents are actually living for their children.

In this present world, how many of us are truly caring our aged parents? Ask this question to yourself!

Importance of parents in our life

This is the time we should start realizing their worth and take lot of care with ample amount of love and kindness. Our responsibility is to see them always smiling in their old ages. Take their blessings before they leave us as much as we can.

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