Pregnancy week 18

Pregnancy Week 18

A Complete Information Guide on Pregnancy Week 18 By Pregnancy week 18, your baby will learn yawning and hiccupping. So cute…! Isn’t it? This week is the official commencement of your fifth month of pregnancy. At the pregnancy week 18, you may see a lot of...

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Pregnancy week 17

Pregnancy Week 17

A Complete Information Guide on Pregnancy Week 17 By Pregnancy week 17, the sweating glands of your baby are developed and fully functional. Your baby is now able to open and close his/her mouth to breathe. We are quite sure that you must be feeling sometimes terrible...

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Pregnancy week 16

Pregnancy Week 16

A Complete Information Guide on Pregnancy Week 16 In Pregnancy week 16, your baby begins to kick and you can also feel the movements of your baby. The things are pretty much exciting during this week. Your baby can now hear your voice and will be able to recognize it...

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Pregnancy week 15

Pregnancy Week 15

A Complete Information Guide on Pregnancy Week 15 By Pregnancy week 15, the position of your uterus would be 10-12 cm under your belly button, so you may be able to feel this change. (Although changes in the size of the stomach cannot be seen by others.) Pregnancy is...

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how to select the right Gynaecologist

How to select the Right Gynaecologist

A Gynaecologist is a special person in an expectant mother’s life. The reason being you simply need to be comfortable with your Gynaecologist as much as your family member. The skills of your Gynaecologist can make your pregnancy a smooth journey. This post describe...

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Pregnancy week 14

Pregnancy Week 14

A Complete Information Guide on Pregnancy Week 14 Congratulations! To-be Mom! Now you’ve officially entered your second trimester. Pregnancy week 14 marked the starting point of your 4th-month pregnancy. The second trimester is the safest trimester as compared to the...

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Pregnancy week 13

Pregnancy Week 13

A Complete Information Guide on Pregnancy Week 13 By Pregnancy week 13, your fetus has developed its vocal cord, teeth (under gums) and fingerprints. Morning Sickness and Fatigue will start reducing now. Congratulations To-Be Mom! This is the last week of your first...

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Pregnancy week 12

Pregnancy Week 12

A Complete Information Guide on Pregnancy Week 12 By Pregnancy week 12, your baby’s almost every organ (except for few, as they are still in developing and maturing stage) is developed and functioning properly. You’re 12 weeks pregnant. This is something good to feel...

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Pregnancy week 11

Pregnancy Week 11

A Complete Information Guide on Pregnancy Week 11 In Pregnancy week 11, your baby will have no more webbed-type hands and is about the size of lime.  To-Be Moms, welcome to 11th week. You are two months and two weeks pregnant. Within a couple of weeks, your first...

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