Language learning is a real challenging task in the present time. However, as a language trainer my experience is quite different. You may find yourself asking, how fast do kids learn language? Kids are quite comfortable with the language they are brought up in and can easily acquire it too be it their mother tongue or languages spoken in their surrounding. But when it comes to a profound and refined language, there comes a great challenge. This post talks about Challenges of Language Learning in Kids.

It is of utmost importance to explore into the world of our young generation to zero in at the real problem they face when they are told that they have to get into a language that is commonly used around them. One such language is English. Indeed a foreign language it is labeled as but not to forget it is an integral part of our lives today. English is unavoidable looking at the changing times in the global scenario.

A prominent language, English is not only taught at various institutions but is an essential one in the schools which is taught to a child as early as a five year old who just gets a hang of words. Even at times, parents force upon communication in English even before the child takes admission in the preparatory school.

Whether it is a great idea to introduce English at such an elementary level?

Opinions and versions may differ drastically but it is important to understand that when the child is made to acquaint with the mother tongue when he barely learns to speak (rather blabber) then why is it a question when to introduce English as a language.

A child is but a lump of clay. It learns and imitates anything that you speak and do. And perhaps that is how we enforce learning of the mother tongue. The same way if English is introduced to the child quite early, the child will never fear the language.

The most commonly known hurdles in learning English are fear and lack of opportunity. But it is quite important to have a strong inner voice to learn it. Undoubtedly, years of dedication and hard work will make you achieve your goals of learning the most challenging language.

Ways to overcome the challenges of English speaking:

* Never let your fear win over you. The fear of speaking in public or not being correct is just an obstacle and once you win over it, half of your battle is? already fought. Fear will rob you of your opportunities.

* Never give up speaking even if you understand that you are not able to. Despite any embarrassing situation, continue speaking with errors to learn the correct manner.

* Always practice your target language and improve. You may worry that you’ll make a mistake or that people won’t understand you, but the only way to make less mistakes and improve your pronunciation is— guess what?— practicing your language.

* Set your targets of learning language and be firm to achieve it. Day and month wise goals can help you measure your improvements and lead you to your goals. When you can see the progress you’ve made, you’ll be encouraged and more likely to keep it up.

* It is essential to immerse yourself completely into the language. Surround yourself with your language and incorporate it in everything you do. Make friends with people who are into the language to enhance vocabulary and pronunciation.

* Adopt the best and new perspective—goodbye to word-for-word translation. Learn to think in the same language to be able to speak and not translate.

* Always enjoy your learning of the language and keep the process of learning and fun filled so that the journey becomes easy.

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