It is, indeed, a great concern how to look after the new born if both the parents are working. Besides, a new born mother who steps into a new world surely needs a helping hand in taking care of her little child since taking the responsibility of the toddler is not that easy and when the mother has no help in the family due to the nuclear family culture then it becomes all the more mandatory. However, it is furthermore difficult to look for a domestic help who is capable enough to take care of the baby. A very special care is to be taken to find a responsible and reliable help. This article gives valuable Tips for choosing Right Maid for toddler.

Six important tests that must be performed before choosing a full or part time domestic help for the young baby at home:

*Reliable and responsible :

Choosing a person to be given responsibility of your child should never be done in a haste. Extra care is to be taken and proper judgement regarding her reliability and professionalism is to be made since the child is too small. The person who is trustworthy can only be handed over the baby. Talk at length with the individual and also try to check her work performance from her previous employers to be pretty sure before hiring.

*Understanding the need of the kid:

It is very important to check on her level of understanding of the necessities of the toddler. A motherly care is the ultimate requirement for a small baby and the person who is to be hired must be able to understand all the basic needs of the baby so that in your absence the child is properly taken care of.

*Test of patience:

Before finalizing on the person who would be taking care of your child, don’t forget to test her patience. With a toddler, many a times, it becomes difficult to understand why the child behaves strange like the sufden cries or tantrums. So, the person who is supposed to take care must be patient in order that proper care is taken in the dire needs.

*Love and concern for children:

One needs to find out if the person is fond of kids. She has to feel happy doing the task and that is only possible if she has love and concern for children. Do check how considerate and loving is the maid while interacting with her in the first few meetings. Ask her for solutions pertaining to different situations concerning the child which will help you understand her better. Also observe how affectionate she is toward the child while taking care.

*Adjustability and adaptability:

The person to be hired needs to adjust in the family she is going to work for and has to adapt the changing situations of the growing child. Thus, it is quite important for her to be eager to learn new things and perform to the best of her capacity.

*Concern for hygiene:

Cleanliness is the most important thing while taking care of the baby. The child is very vulnerable to diseases like common cold, flu etc. And there’s absolutely no compromise on the health of the little babies. So, it is necessary to learn how concerned and particular is the maid about hygiene, not just of the baby but herself too. You must make a note of the way she presents herself and reacts to matters of hygiene.

A few tips for Quick Check:

  • Check her background and track record of her work to avoid risk to your child’s life.
  • Acceptance of the tasks and duties is very important and ask for flexibility in working hours.
  • Set a probation period for her and monitor her work frequently.
  • Always make sure that she is aware of the regular surveillance.
  • Ask for her identification proof like Aadhar card, voter ID, birth certificate or a ration card.
  • Police verification is a must before handing over the child to the paid helper.

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