“Feminism”Don’t Kill the Sparrows

My gaze was arrested by the sight of goldfish swimming lazily in a glass bowl, and I turned to address my wife, but what I saw there brought me up short.

She was wearing a slightly clinging black blouse, and to my utter mortification I saw that the outline of her nipples was clearly visible through the fabric. Without a doubt, she’d come out without a bra. When the other guests surreptitiously craned their necks, no doubt wanting to be sure that they really were seeing what they thought they were, the eyes of executive director’s wife met mine. Feigning composure, I registered the curiosity, astonishment, and contempt which were revealed in turn in her eyes.”

This is an excerpt from Han Kang’s novel The Vegetarian. Here the writer shows the disgusted plight of a husband when he finds that his wife is not wearing a “bra” at a formal dinner. To my utter delight, here the husband’s reaction bemuses me. Also, the behavior of other people sitting on that table bewilders me to a point where the whole idea of wearing a bra becomes the idea of going to battlefield wearing armor. What is this bra? Why should one wear it? Why should one hide it or cover it?  Why shopping for lingerie is a secret mission? Why Victoria kept it a secret? Why wasn’t it named Victoria’s Voice?

The myriad question with just one answer, that is, it is a bra. Our society makes us think of it as something pathetic piece of clothing which should be hidden because it covers something peculiar. The ladies who truly believe in living the life and refuse to wear a bra just because we are branded to wear it are considered as “too much open.” How is one too much open? Is wearing a bra makes us “Sanskari”? How come we are of low standards if we do not wear a bra? What about those ladies wearing tight fitted blouses showing their bulges, their cleavages with deep necks? Is this subtle attire?

Most importantly, who the bloody hell had a right to tell us to what to wear or what not wear? Who is this person that gives us brands? Coming to brands, here I am talking about women liberation by not being judged on the basis of what they chose to wear, so am I a feminist?
Utterly wrong! Indeed, I am not. Girls, it is important that you learn the true meaning of feminism. It is not just about women liberation. The whole concept of feminism was to be treated equally and not to be told what to do. The whole concept of feminism is being taken to a different direction these days.

A bad wife could easily sue her goody-good husband without being questioned. That husband had to incur the charges.

A duel between a girl and guy for a seat on the bus turns to –

he teased me” and people jumping on him just because he is a guy and he must have teased her.

Situations like these have a cringing impact because in a way the meaning of “equality” is fading away. Sure, there are vultures around us but because of those vultures we shan’t make innocent sparrow pick up the dead carcasses of their pride.

Girls, imagine your adorable dad coming home all beaten up by a group of people because he teased a girl of your age. How would you feel? In reality, he accidentally banged his shoulder on her shoulder because he was just too tired after ten hours of working.
Dear mothers, imagine your son getting ripped off by his inconsiderate wife. A few months ago I met a mother of twenty years old who confessed that she is actually afraid of getting her son married because of this ugly truth.

Again, I ask you all that how are we equal when we are clearly taking the advantage of it? It is necessary that we get rid of this name “Feminism”. The ones who need these privileges are rotting in their lives and the ones who speculate it are sitting in an air-conditioned room sipping their margaritas and having so-called progressive discussion on creating a utopian world where the women from the third world are the rulers of the world. Whereas in reality they the ones ruling us and branding us.

Girls, Learn to stand up for yourself!

So, do what you like. Wear what you want to wear. Eat what you want to eat. Be fat. Be slim. Be tall. Be short. Read this. Ignore this. Do what you want to do. Just don’t be puppets of brands or taglines that you encounter in your life.

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