Before your child went to school, what did you do?

You researched about the school; its faculty, its atmosphere and so on.

Remember the first day of your kids’ kindergarten? What did you do? You waited outside worried about their well being. It was their first day and you wanted to make sure that they were safe, happy, and could easily adjust to this new world.

Well, the world of internet is a lot similar to that first day at the kindergarten or the school. Each day brings a new package of surprises which has its own take on your kid’s mind. It could be good or it could bad. Imagine your kid watching an episode of an anime on the internet and next video lined up is a scene from a horror movie. A lady hanging from the tree and your kid would see her shadow and her rotten feet. This scene run a chill through your spine; imagine how terrifying that would be your sweet angel.

Kids at any age have a tender mind. It can be dishevelled by even a minutest of things. There is no stopping to the internet unless you take the measures for your kid. Another scenario is the abundance of smuts available with or without your permission on the internet. Explicit photographs, absurd comments, R-rated content are also just a click away. Also, you can control these with just a click. Here are some measures to Keep Your Child Safe on the Internet

Firstly, it is important that you set ground rules before introducing the world of internet to your kid. Fix the time limit on internet surfing. It is important that you develop this habit in them so that they do not get addicted to it. Another important measure is that you keep the track of the sites they visit. You have to give them their space but always keep an eye on them. Now that social media has become an important part of our lives, it is also becoming famous among the young. Teach them to protect their privacy as they do not understand the consequences of leaking personal information to the public. Have the talk with them regarding not giving their name, phone number, address, email-id, password, school name, and pictures without your permission. Especially, do not fraternize with unknown people they met online.

You must state to them that you are there for them and if they see anything reckless on the internet they should come straight to you instead of digging about it more.

Safeguarding comes only if you know the technology and even you don’t then hire someone from the technical department to help you in it. Your ISP comes with free parental controls that can minimize children’s access to the internet by age, content, time and other choices. Even Internet Explorer (and its further upgrades) has Content Advisor. Netscape and Safari do the same for Mac. Search engines can be used for such services for free (if you have a savvy child that could turn the tables around).

Protecting your kids by safeguarding them on the internet is not just about saving them from inappropriate things but it is about your morals that you want to imbibe in them. Sure safeguarding helps you add a layer of protection but it also supports your values. Just as the first day at the school, this a place where you always need to be careful with your young one so that you can shape them in the best possible way without being traumatized by any event which could linger on them throughout their lives.

Lastly, we would like to that there are various sites and Softwares available on Google which could help you safeguard in different ways. Some of them are to block the internet completely while some of them help you to keep what’s good instead of keeping out what’s bad. Some may keep you in charge of what your kid browse while others may take snapshots of what has been onscreen at intervals and stores it in a hidden file. So parents buckle up before you get into internet battlefield with your kids. So it is very important to Keep Your Child Safe on the Internet.

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