The growing popularity of the video games, online gaming and videos make the children inactive in their daily routine. The time which has been spent watching online videos and games can be better utilized by doing some physical activities. Here, parents can become a role model in their children’s life. The parents should not make them addictive to the techie-gadgets and be active in their lifestyle so that their kids can also become physically sound and active.

The best way to become a physically fit is to be active in sports and games. The importance of sports in our life is crucial. It does not only make a body physically fit and active but also contributes towards the mental growth and development. An active participation in sports and games can have many benefits in students’ life. It gives a student a chance to enhance the physical and the social skills. It offers a child a change from a monotony of a daily routine. It keeps the stress and anxiety away. However, a proper balance has to be maintained between a child’s maturity, skills and interests.

Nowadays, sports and games are taken to be a good career option as well. It plays a pivotal role in shaping a child’s interest towards his profession. Sports and games also help in character building and provides strength and energy. Sport is a form of a competitive physical activity performed by a person via an organized or a casual participation. Sports and games not only involve the development of skills but also it stimulates the competitive behavior among students. It builds up the confidence in the minds of the students. It not only strengthens the physical growth rather it also contributes towards the mental growth. Therefore, it plays an important role in a student’s life.

Outdoor games like football, cricket, badminton, hockey, etc. stimulates the sense of coordination, team spirit, planning and implementation, whereas, indoor games like carom, chess, sudoku, etc. improves mind mapping, strategies and the concentration level.

Education is incomplete without sports and games. In every school we find physical education to be a major part of a school’s curriculum. In school, children are usually been taught about the importance of sports and games and we all can hear a speech on sports and games and read an essay on sports and games.

Sports and games are also beneficial in teaching us punctuality, responsibility, patient, disciplined and dedicated towards our goal. It stimulates the sense of friendliness with team spirit. Moreover, being involved in the physical activity also keeps a body away from the bones and muscles related diseases like arthritis, and joint problems. Obesity and other health problems will not come to the way of a child if he participates actively in sports and other games.

The role of the sports and games should never be ignored. Be it a student or an adult, the sport is good for maintaining a good physique. It makes a person mentally active and sound. For a healthy body and sound mind, sports play a pivotal role in a person’s life.

 Students are the youth of our Nation, and they need to be more energetic, physically active and mentally fit. Hence, active participation in sports by them should be part of their life’s routine. It makes a mind peaceful, sharp and active and increases the level of concentration. The physiological organs of a body become prompter and the body starts functioning properly. The importance of sports and games should be promoted by everyone – parents, teachers and the government officials.

The best way to promote sports and spread awareness on the same can be the use of slogans. These sports slogan can be used in any social gathering, campaigns and events. These slogans are not only motivational but also full of encouragement. For example, ‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Play Sports.’ ‘Encourage our Young Generation to Play SPORTS’.

 Lastly, to conclude, sports and games plays a major role in developing a human personality. A student should be allowed to actively participate in the sports of his or her choice. A student should not only be good in a study but also in the games for the overall development. To make our youth participate in sports and games, please check your locality’s nearest sports club, and your child’s school authority.

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