My mother grew up in the 70s when holistic medicine became all the rage. Who wouldn’t want to try a holistic approach instead of the bottles and bottles of OTC medications that fill up shelf after shelf at the pharmacy?

My mother told me more times than not that modern medicine will always have a place in society, but that it can often lead to overuse. By bombarding our bodies with pharmaceuticals, it signals our body that it no longer needs to do what it was created to do to heal on its own.

Mom often said that holistic medicine was giving our body new information to work with, or “tools,” as she would often say. So when I became a mother myself, I knew that the holistic path was the one I wanted to follow.

When my daughter started teething at the ripe old age of 4 months, I knew that I wanted a natural approach to soothing her. What I found was teething tablets or teething toys, none of which was appealing to me. During my research I happened to come across an article from a holistic site that mentioned Baltic amber. I read on and discovered that they may not only be a cure for teething, but to other ailments as well.

I continued to read about how Baltic amber helps everything from backaches to migraines. Amber has been used for centuries by countries surrounding the Baltic Sea. Many villages swore by the effectiveness of amber, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try one.

Another bonus was that it is extremely cost effective. At around $20-$25 per necklace, the plus side is that you only have to buy it once, unlike a bottle of pain reliever that always needs restocked. You just can’t beat that for an all-around pain relief that helps every member of your family!

I quickly bought a necklace from for my son, as well as one for myself. As I waited for them to arrive at my doorstep I dove into more research about the how’s and why’s of Baltic amber.

For hundreds of years, the sap found in the conifer trees in this region has been collected and turned into amber stones due to the high traces of succinic acid found in the area. Succinic acid is like nature’s ibuprofen, so any sort of inflammation could benefit from this natural “medication”. To put the cherry on top of the sundae, Baltic amber is also packed full of antioxidants, making it the perfect immune booster.

Amber works best when worn on the body. This is because your body is able to heat the bead, allowing for the succinic rich oils to seep through its surface and into you bloodstream. Once absorbed into your body, you’ll start experiencing less pain almost immediately.

As soon as our necklaces arrived we started wearing them immediately. I knew that it wouldn’t be as instant as taking a liquid form of ibuprofen, but I couldn’t help but hope that it would work very soon. We were both at our wits end and we needed rest.

That night was the first night that we had both slept soundly. I contributed it to the overall state of being exhausted from the past month of nonstop discomfort. The second night came and left, and again, we both slept soundly. By the third day, we noticed that the inflammation in his gums was almost completely gone, and the drool that he was mass producing was hardly noticeable anymore.

As for myself, I bought a necklace to strengthen my immunity which hasn’t been the same since I had my baby, but to also cure the everyday headaches that I have suffered with since puberty. I am happy to say that since wearing the necklace, I have noticed a significant decline in my own aches and pains, something that even OTC medication hadn’t been able to do in years.

To anyone looking for a natural pain relief, whether young or old, Baltic amber is a cost effective and natural remedy that has been seen throughout history for hundreds of years. Take Mother Nature’s Advice and try Amber teething necklaces today!   

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