Remember the day when you finally realized that tightening of your jeans was not merely because of bloating but you were actually carrying a life within you. No one but only you understood the developmental milestones in your belly. It was “you” who really felt what it was to carry a living person in your womb. The first time you found out that you were pregnant. Deep down you wished to miss “that” period and take the home pregnancy test as soon as possible. The urge to do that was the ants in ones pants. But of course, your next stop with the bells on was to consult an Ob-Gyn. The final confirmation was needed to make it official.

That was the high point to realize that the journey has started. Initially, you were terrified but, eventually, it worked out. Mothers; the care givers, remembers every bit of detail so immaculately that it dazzles you every time you reminisce.

When you recall the first heartbeat or the first kick, you never expected it to be so mystic. Although, later, that kicks became atrocious for you. But it was worth getting kicked because the thought of holding “that little version of me” was jubilant. And then the moment arrived itself, you felt on cloud nine when you were handed over your baby for the first time. It was like full of the joys of spring. A tiny, weighed approx 7.5 pounds, precious bundle of joy was in your feeble arms. That moment you pledged to yourselves that this tender angel who dazzled your life, will be cherished, nurtured and adored for lifetime. Right from that moment, you became unyielding and held the little angel upright, hold the head erect and steady. The baby’s babbling and cooing at you was jump for joy. That million dollar smile when they looked at you. They loved looking at new faces but also got startled by sudden noises. The initial months were immensely vivacious for you. The journey wasn’t a fool’s paradise but a happy camper.

You always wished for your little ones that they live a sagacious life. You made it clear to yourselves that it wasn’t a fool’s play. Fellow mothers, you care for your little ones to have everything in life. But wishing isn’t going to do anything. You must become the eager beaver to get what’s best for your kids. So, don’t hold your horses and fling yourself into getting what you want for your little devil of mischief. Remember, ladies, world is your oyster but, this time, paint it for your bundle of joy as long as you can.


Peace Out……..

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