The Best Time of my Life, My Nine Months Pregnancy…Pregnancy can be both easy or hard. The experience may vary for every woman. However, if I talk about my 9 month pregnancy, it was full of ups and downs. But, it was the best time of my life ever.

We tried for a baby for around 5 years.

That was really a long time and stressful in fact. I went through endless treatments, performed several Indian rituals, paid homage to the pilgrims and much more. In the end, the results were not in the favor. Even the doctors could not make out the problem. Some suggested to reduce my stress, some suggested the medicines, while some offered the list of home remedies.

All the efforts leading to disappointments.

Eventually, I told my husband to stop thinking about it and making efforts. To my luck, he was supportive enough. And, we both let it go.

Finally, on 16th of February, I realized some weakness and tenderness. Just to clear my doubt, like every time with no hope of getting the positive lines, I checked out. Oh my God! There was that positive line. It was a surprise for me, a shock rather for which I waited years. Yes, there was a life in my womb and that happiness of getting something after so much longing has doubled the pleasure.

Now, I was ready to shock my husband with the news. I knew there can be nothing else making him happier than this. The moment I disclosed I was Pregnant, his eyes remained widely open. Neither the tears of happiness were coming down to cheeks nor were they leaving those wide glittery eyes. My husband just took me into his arms and loved me the way he never did earlier.

For the first 6 weeks I hardly felt anything. It has been just a warm feeling. Then suddenly I started feeling the morning sickness which lasted for complete nine months. It was literally an uphill ride then. I started getting the leg cramps, the back pain and a lot. Doctors advised the bed rest. It was really exhausting to lie down for the whole day and do nothing.

However, the things got well and I started moving around slowly. The first trimester was somehow exhausting, as the baby was growing and was in the initial stage. However, I embraced every symptom happily.

In the second trimester I was little more energetic. I developed the craving for spicy food, the dairy products and the sweet stuff. I have been always ready to rush into my favorite restaurant. In fact, at that time I made my husband get fat with me. I was so much happy that I felt the top of the world. The baby in my womb was growing nicely.

In the third trimester it was literally no less than a roller coaster ride. The crazy hormonal changes were at its worst, but I still admired every little change. It was not easy at this time to take a deep sleep, even to walk steadily. The regular pain in the back, hard breaths, unwillingness to eat, all these worst things were happening. But, I did everything against my pain just for the sake of the baby’s health. How surprising that you just do not care for anything when it’s about your little one.

I had to go to pee out every hour. Taking little steps, sticking to the bed all time, eating the things you do not want, listening to others advice and working on that, in short it was the period I was under great suspension. It was more of a care and love than anything else. And, believe me you love those boundations and doing things against your wish.

Now, I was damn excited to see my little baby. I just wanted to be done with this pregnancy. After every scan I had noticed the growing parts of my little girl. The tiny little hands now had the nails, the bald head had got the massive hair growth, the eyes had widened now and a lot of other changes were the symbol that little baby was ready to come out.

Eventually, the time had come, I took the labour pains. You can’t imagine, the pain was equal to the breaking of 20-25 bones all together. But, it was the excitement to see the baby that gave me the courage to bear it. I hoped to see my baby the very same day. But, God wanted me to wait a little more. I went through the pains for the whole day and next morning, 23rd of November, I had my little baby screaming loudly by my side. I could finally see the face of my baby girl, I had imagined so far.

That feeling of being a mother is really hard to express in words. I had the stitches, had the pains and just can’t say what my body was going through. However, every pain vanished when I saw the one I took all those pains for. It’s literally a great feeling being a mother. I just loved those 9 months, which changed my life.

Happy Parenting with Budding Star

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