Parenting is a very tasking and rewarding job, provided we do it as it’s supposed to be done, I believe. You need wisdom to train and teach your child. Being a parent, exposes you to a new world of unseen challenges every day. Key is to be patient and keep calm while dealing with them.

Children are like raw clay waiting to be carved out into nice models.

As parents it’s our responsibility to observe and understand their behavior as kids do what they see us doing or perceive us to be doing.

If a child intentionally disturbs you, then it’s a sign of him trying to seek your attention as he may be feeling need of your physical affection. Kids don’t know how to ask for what they want in such cases, but they certainly know how to trigger your reaction.

Physical affection is very important in case of kids.

It gives them a feel of security and assurance that you as a parent are with them, to take care of them. And your child needs this reassurance repeatedly. Cuddles, kisses and hugs between parent and child leave a soothing effect on both of them. It strengthens the parent child bond which eventually would help a parent in better upbringing of the child.

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