First and the foremost parenting Tip as a parent is that you should love your child unconditionally without any complaints. Although whenever there is a child in a house , child get love from everyone. Child heart is like a molten wax and can be changed as per your parenting. Try not to be too harsh to your child and tell the things in a creative way.



Indian tradition, culture & value is the oldest culture in the world. Indian values always says to be kind to others, respect your elders, no to harm to animals. If this kind of values is put into the child upbringing, the kid will always be polite to others , respect other individuals & also you as parent when he is grown up . So always try to preach Indian values to your kids.

Health is wealth is an old epic saying but it definitely hold a great worth in modern days. Try to develop the taste of  green vegetables , fruits & milk during childhood days as afterwards the grownup generally develop the  taste which the kid have taken during his childhood. If the child is taking a balance diet , the Kid will group up as a healthy individual.


As a parent one should always try his/her children to develop interest in one of the outdoor games. As today’s kids are really fond of Tabs and Computer games which makes the kids lethargic, obese and harm the eyes of kids. Whereas outdoor games help the child to be fit as the child do physical exercise while playing games. If a kid develops a keen interest in one of outdoor games, the kid will try to play the game daily and in return he will be fit and fine.



Last but not the least spent quality time with your family. As a parent you should spent time with your kids by giving answers to their queries and questions which arises in every kid. Quality time means , the parent should be physically and mentally present with the child. It’s not like that the kid is asking a question and the parent is busy in his/her mobile which irritates the child and the child becomes disaffection-ate  with the  parents.

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Top Five Parenting Tips.

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