A baby shower is an exceptional opportunity to connect with our relatives and announce that we are pregnant. Anticipate the joy and blessings around during the baby shower function. Going for a themed decoration is in trend now and here you will find a few ideas for the baby shower.

Adorable Baby Shower Decoration Ideas to Delight Expectant Parents

1. Ultrasound  Pictures

One of the best homemade baby shower decorations is the ultrasound picture display. This is the traditional way, done during all baby showers but it is so connected and emotional for the parents to be. Since there are no pictures of the baby, the only photo is the ultrasound picture that can be displayed here. Pin the images of the baby here and there to have a delightful background for the guests to enjoy. Choose some colorful papers and charts with decorative bows and strings for the fun element. Ultrasound pictures are so close to the heart of the parents and the family members.

2. Beautiful Outdoor Theme 

Most of the baby showers have been planned indoors in a traditional way. But planning it outdoors also adds beauty to the event. It is easy to manage the crowd and a lot of decorations are possible as well. Putting up banners and other decorative stuff is possible outdoors and brings the charm to the baby shower. Party can be easily set in the garden or the backyard using numerous items like trees, and bushes as a part of decorations. Incorporate a few multicolored flashy lights to add a good ambiance to the party.

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3. Elegant Natural Floral Theme 

Floral theme decorations are always pleasant and give you a good feel. Yet people may avoid this because it might give a girly feel. This only depends on the types of flowers you choose. Anyways flowers are going to be part of your decoration, so why not make it a theme?  Flowers like buttercups, sunflowers, tulips, and carnations are good to be selected as a theme for your baby shower. This can be used in every table, wall, and background. Keep them in vases around the dining tables for the attraction. Placing flowers in a wheelbarrow at the entrance or near the stage can make the event special and it can also be the place where the guests put their gifts which is extra cute.

baby shower decoration ideas

4. Alluring Ocean Theme

Do you wish to have a serene theme for your baby shower? Then you might go for the ocean theme to make your day eventful. The area can be dominated by shades of blues like aquamarine, light blue, mint green, and also pink can be infused. The cake and other items for decoration can also be chosen in blue color with fish shapes. Arrange stuffed toys with numerous fish-shaped organisms like starfish, sharks, and seahorses. This adds an elegant feature to your event. The mom-to-be can also choose her costume based on the mermaid theme which is more suitable for the ocean-based event.

5. Fun Diaper Theme 

Here comes the best and one of the funniest themes for your baby shower! Yes, it is the diaper theme. The parents will surely love this diaper theme for their baby shower. It is quite obvious that diapers are required in more quantity for babies after they are born. So, this will be a thoughtful theme for them. Funny quotes with bows and charts can be incorporated into the photographs and cake for the event.

6. Star and Space Theme 

Star and space themes can be incorporated if the mother is too much inclined toward science and space. The colors that can be chosen are black, blue, dark blue, and a bit of yellow. Make a few gorgeous cutouts of spaceships and stars and hang them on the wall for them to look cute for your baby shower. A miniature solar system can be replicated and hung from the walls and ceilings with different types of balls for the planets. Lights can be added to the ceiling for the twinkling star effect and the theme can be completed this way.

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7. On Cloud Nine Theme 

Cloud Nine’s baby shower theme has its beauty and creativity. Be it the crystal chandelier that mimics the rain shower or it can be the cotton candy which is so colorful that it also evokes passing clouds. You can use an ordinary umbrella with this theme to have an amazing look. The artfully arranged blooms, lights, and sunlight flood windows do magic.

8. Colorful Safari Theme 

The Safari theme is a gender-neutral idea for your baby shower. This is the easy way in which you can put your theme for the baby shower. Colors can be chosen based on the safari theme such as green, yellow, and brown. The decorative surface with the leaf-shaped cutouts and trees enhances the look. You can also use cardboard in the corners of the party room. Stuffed toys can be used on the couches, and the beds of various animals will enhance the look. Toys such as lions and giraffes can be placed behind the grass and bushes to get the animal theme. 

9. White and Golden Theme 

The ultimate combo of white and golden theme gives you an incredible look for the baby shower. The white and golden theme gives you a dramatic theme with twinkling decor, which is an absolute treat for the parents-to-be and the guests to watch. The desserts and cakes can also be made with a golden and white theme to have an elegant look. Feathery white cake stands and golden glitters can be used for the charming decorations that can be hung at the event.


The baby shower decoration ideas must be unique and interesting. Moreover, it should satisfy the mom-to-be since she deserves it. Make sure the themes and decorations are on the spot with the taste of the mom-to-be since she has to be stress-free. The activities can be arranged based on the expectations of the baby. The baby shower must be cherished throughout the lifetime by the parents-to-be. Read more blogs for pregnancy and child-care at Buding Star.

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