Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in every women’s life and it is super exciting to announce a new addition in the family.  The moment you announce your pregnancy, every single person on earth is curious to know whether you are going to deliver a baby boy or a baby girl. There are a lot of symptoms that can actually claim to predict the gender of the fetus. Moreover, some genuinely working old wives’ tales can determine the gender of an unborn baby.

Please note that the below-mentioned symptoms are just beliefs and we request everyone not to go with them fully.

Here is the top pick for you all.

List of Top 19 Symptoms of Baby Boy During Pregnancy:

1. Baby’s heart rate

This can be considered to be one of the most accurate symptoms of a baby boy in pregnancy.  During the first trimester of your pregnancy, all babies have a heart rate that is over 140 beats every minute. However, according to statistics, girls have a heart rate of almost 151 beats every minute. As your pregnancy progresses, the symptoms of baby boy in 9th month is that the heart beat slows to 140. If the heart rate is lesser than 140 beats each minute during the first trimester then, it can be a baby boy.

2. Morning sickness

If you are not experiencing any serious morning sickness or frequent vomiting then it can be considered as a symptom of a baby boy. The morning sickness is common during the first trimester, if it does not continue till last trimester then it is believed to be 100% symptoms of baby boy. If you are carrying a boy, you may likely not to suffer from morning sickness. However, you must note that every woman is different and thus, every woman would have more, or less, morning sickness depending on several other factors which are environmental or simply genetic.

3. Skin condition

During the entire pregnancy, if your skin is free from any kind of acne it is said to be one of the accurate symptoms of baby boy in pregnancy. It is said that baby girl steals away mother’s beauty but a boy baby won’t give you much acne. During your entire pregnancy, the skin will glow.

4. Hair growth

When you carry a boy baby it is believed that your hair may grow longer and also high on volume. It is again considered to be one of the most common baby boy pregnancy symptoms. Moreover, the hair may become shinier and lustrous. So, you don’t need to worry about the hair fall during these 9 months.

5. Food cravings

Food cravings are one of the most accurate symptoms of baby boy in pregnancy. When you are pregnant, you need to sustain a baby too. However, it’s not as much food as you think. You only need around 300 calories to support your baby. 

But, you will crave a lot more. With pregnancy symptoms for a boy, mothers may crave salty and tangy food that includes chips, pickles, sausages, cheese, and meat, etc. You might not be interested in hogging chocolates and sweet dishes. It is believed that if you have a baby boy, you would be more interested in savoury dishes, unlike if you are having a girl, when you would want more sweet dishes.

6. Position of tummy

One of the most common and highly predictive gender predictions is how you carry. If you are pregnant with boy symptoms then it is high chances that you may carry low. This means the tummy position is low if you are carrying a baby boy. This means the tummy position is low if you are carrying a baby boy and you would also be carrying all the weight in the front.

7. Mood swings

If you are not prone to frequent mood changes then it is one of the signs you are having a boy. When you carry a baby boy, the hormonal changes are considered to be minimal.

Symptoms of Baby Boy During Pregnancy

8. Color of urine

The color of urine tends to changes throughout pregnancy and if it is darker in color then it one of the 100% symptoms of the baby boy. The color of urine is usually bright in color. Moreover, the color of urine also changes due to medication, consumption of water and change in body temperature. However, you must note that the color of urine also changes due to medication, consumption of water and change in body temperature.

9. Size of breast

A woman experiences a lot of hormonal changes during pregnancy and there is a change in the size of breast tissue. This is because of the fact that your body is trying to accommodate the human inside you.  One of the symptoms of baby boy before delivery is the change in breasts.

Your breasts will grow sensitive and they will feel heavy. If your breast appears to be larger in size then, it means you may be pregnant with boy symptoms. If your right breast seems larger than your left breast then you may have baby boy symptoms. Pull up your t-shirt and check for yourself.

10. Coldness of feet

When your feet are icy cold during the entire pregnancy then it is a sign you may be carrying a baby boy. However, this is majorly common in pregnancy when the blood circulation is not much high.

Pregnancy is the most precious time for a women’s life so Diet during Pregnancy is also very important to take care of. Read our article Diet during Pregnancy. 

11. Increase in weight

It is believed that a mother carrying a baby boy weighs a little high and her baby bump is visibly extra. Weight gain especially at the stomach is considered to be one of the accurate symptoms of a baby boy in pregnancy.

12. Eating more

As per old wives’ tales, if you eat more throughout your pregnancy, then there may be chances of a baby boy. However, if you have a greater appetite then it could be due to high-level secretion of testosterone of male boy.

13. Even Number

There is simple mathematics, combine the age when you conceived with the month of your conception. If the final number is even number then it is again considered to be an accurate symptom of a baby boy in pregnancy

14. Headaches

During your pregnancy, if you are more prone to headache then you may be carrying a baby boy. This is majorly due to fluctuation in the pregnancy hormone.

15. Skinny father

This one is a bit strange but mostly reliable. If the father is shedding a lot of weight during the pregnancy phase then it is high chances that you may be pregnant with boy symptoms.

16. You are carrying low

If you are carrying the baby lower than usual it might be a sign that you are pregnant with a baby boy. Carrying low or if you are carrying all the weight in the front of your belly is said to be a sign that your child is a boy. As mentioned in one of the points above, this way was used in earlier times by midwives to detect the sex of babies.

17. Difference in hair

If your hair has become more full bodied or shining during pregnancy, you are most likely pregnant with a baby boy

Note: We are again notifying you that all these above-mentioned ways to identify the baby’s gender during pregnancy are not 100% accurate. But there is absolutely no harm in checking it out by reading these above symptoms, it is rather fun. Each pregnancy is unique and we cannot go against nature. Ultrasound is the best and the most authentic way to identify the gender of the unborn baby. If you are carrying a boy, then there is a surety of signs of a babyof baby boy in ultrasound. Many countries do not encourage this practice of ultrasound for determining gender. Moreover, it is also illegal in some countries due to an increased rate of female foeticides.

Even there are no 100 % accurate methods of how to conceive a baby boy surely. Be it a girl or a boy, every baby is precious and a gift from god. Enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest and stay healthy. Track your baby’s growth, deliver a happy and healthy baby.

18. The Ring Spin 

This exercise is a fun way to see genuine symptoms of baby boy. Hold a string attached to a ring in front of your stomach. Swing it. If it moves back and forth, then you have a boy. If the ring goes in circles, then you have a girl. This is popular baby shower game. However, this is not very reliable. This is just something old wives did to determine gender traditionally. 

19. Sleeping Position 

Sleeping seems like a luxury for pregnant women because sleep deprivation is very common. If you  have one particular side that you sleep on, then it might be because of the gender of your baby. According to traditional legends, if a woman sleeps on the left side throughout her pregnancy, then they borne a boy.

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