As soon as you see the 2 pink lines on the home pregnancy kit, your heart might wish for a baby boy or a baby girl. You may encounter many elderly ladies who may point out your belly and predict the baby’s gender. It is super difficult to wait for 9 odd months and see the final result. Friends and family may point out signs of a girl or boy, but the majority of these are likely to be folklore rather than science. An ultrasound at 20 weeks of pregnancy is the most accurate way to determine the gender of a baby. Does your curious mind want to know the gender of the unborn baby?? Are you secretly wishing for a baby girl? Then this article is a stop for you!

There are quite different gender prediction ideas happening all over the world. Some of them are even scientific. The scientific gender prediction ideas include Ramzi gender prediction and Nub’s method of gender prediction. Even though there are different methods available.

Baby Girl Symptoms During Early Pregnancy

While some moms may have accurately guessed the gender of their unborn child based on these indications or symptoms, this is often the result of chance and lacks scientific support. Therefore, it is difficult to determine a baby’s gender based alone on their symptoms and indicators. Instead, an ultrasound at 20 weeks may be beneficial! Let’s discuss some of the signs of a baby girl.

Please note that the below-mentioned symptoms are just beliefs and we request everyone not to go with them fully.

List of Top 15 Symptoms of Baby Girl During Pregnancy:

1. High Heart Rate

If your prenatal heart rate is 140 beats or more each minute then it is considered you may be carrying a girl. This symptom works well to identify the gender of the baby starting from the first trimester.
One of the common baby prediction symptoms which is noted even today. A baby girl’s heart rate is usually faster than that of a baby boy. However, this is only true once labour begins. Prior to that, the age of a foetus has a significant impact on heart rate speed.

2. Extreme Morning Sickness

Pregnant women carrying girls may experience severe morning sickness. It could be due to a high level of pregnancy hormones. Frequently visiting the washroom, vomiting and nausea could be signs you are having a girl.

According to a 2017 study, women carrying girls experienced more inflammation when their immune systems were exposed to bacteria than those carrying boys. More research is needed to determine whether there is a link between morning sickness and the gender of a baby.

3. Skin Texture

If the mother has an oil, acne-prone, dull and lifeless skin then it’s a girl for sure. It is said that the baby girl steals away the mother’s beauty and charm and hence her skin may get dull. However, the changes in the skin texture can also be due to the change in the diet.

4. Dull Hair

Dull, thin and lifeless hair is considered to be the symptom of a baby girl in the womb. Despite taking needful vitamins, calcium and iron supplements if your hair is dull and thin then it could be a girl – as per baby predictor.

5. Sugar Rush

If pregnant women want to eat a lot of sugary treats like chocolate, cake, and ice cream then maybe it is a girl child. There are a lot more like craving garlic, spicy foods, and more. But, sugar craving is considered to be one of the prominent symptoms of a baby girl.

Although there is no scientific evidence that food cravings during pregnancy can predict the gender of the baby.

6. Tummy Position

The tummy position can be used to predict the gender of the baby. If your belly weight is accumulated in the middle then you may likely be carrying a baby girl. When the weight gain is usually around the middle of the tummy then you may be carrying a baby girl.

7. Fluctuation of Mood

If you are experiencing a frequent change in the mood then it is likely to be one of the common symptoms of a baby girl. You may experience sudden happiness, sadness, fear, anxiety, and anger during your pregnancy. All this is a sign that you may be carrying a girl child.

A 2012 study discovered a link between stress hormone cortisol levels and the male-to-female birth ratio. Women with high cortisol levels were statistically more likely to have a girl in this study.

Symptoms of Baby Girl During Pregnancy

8. Urine Color

The color of urine during the pregnancy might vary but if it is pale in color then it is likely to be a girl sign. The pale and dull yellow shade of urine indicates that you may be going to give birth to a baby girl. However, the colour of urine can also alter due to hydration level, medication and external temperature.

9. Breast Size

Throughout the pregnancy the breast size of a woman changes, it is due to several factors like hormonal change, expansion of breast tissue, preparing for lactation, etc. If the size of the breast appears to be smaller then it is considered to be girl pregnancy symptoms.

10. Temperature of Feet

If during the pregnancy your feet are warm then it could be a sign that you are carrying a baby girl. Women carrying a boy usually experience icy cold feet throughout their pregnancy.

Please make sure to have a healthy diet during pregnancy. Read our latest article on Diet during Pregnancy

 11. High-Stress

Women are usually stressed during their pregnancy about the baby’s development and other things. Women who experience high-stress level and tension is likely a sign it’s a girl.

12. Linea Nigra

Linea nigra is the dark line appearing on the baby bump, if the line finishes below the belly button then it is considered to be a sign of having a girl. Though it is believed that the linea nigra changes its colour due to the change in the hormonal level.

13. Poor Appetite

If you don’t feel like eating anything and have a poor appetite then it is an indication that you may be carrying a girl child. But many experience cravings for weird food and don’t feel like eating anything throughout pregnancy.

14. Odd Number

This is again a simple calculation to determine the gender of the baby. When you calculate the month of conception with your current age and if the final number is odd then likely it’s a girl.

15. High Fetal Movement

Foetal Movements are something that is very important to be checked by the mothers after 22 weeks. If you frequently experience baby movement and kicks on the right side then it is considered to be a girl pregnancy symptom. The girl baby keeps on tumbling inside the belly.

16. Weight gain around the middle

Weight gain is something that is common for newly pregnant moms. When there is an increase in weight, never stress yourself and know that it is common. Especially, If a woman suddenly gains weight in the middle time of the pregnancy, it is likely a girl.

17. Carrying high

This is something commonly said by most of the grandmothers or elderly people in the family. Another popular belief is that if you are carrying the baby a little higher than usual, it is most likely a girl

18. Sleeping position

It is often believed that if you tend to sleep more on the right side at the time of pregnancy, you are most likely giving birth to a baby girl

Note: We are again notifying you that all these above-mentioned ways to identify the baby’s gender during pregnancy are not 100% accurate. To get the most accurate prediction about the gender of an unborn baby, ultrasound is the only choice. After the completion of 20 weeks, an ultrasound scan can predict the gender of the baby. It is not advisable to do so, let it be a beautiful surprise till you keep on guessing.

19. Elegant appearance

Some people think that if you are elegant during your pregnancy, you will have a lovely baby girl, and if you are clumsy, you will have a handsome baby boy. Being elegant or clumsy has nothing to do with the gender of the kid. Minor stumbling and clumsiness are generally caused by increased weight and a shift in the centre of gravity, which can throw you off balance. In the second trimester, most women feel awkward, fatigued, and unbalanced.

20. Acne during pregnancy

According to legend, if you experience pregnancy acne, you’re more likely to be expecting a girl since the baby’s hormones when mixed with yours, are more likely to produce acne during pregnancy.

Fun Ways To Tell If You’re Pregnant With A Girl

People utilise these amusing methods to try baby predict gender charts at home or on special occasions like baby showers. These aren’t scientific, though, and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

  • Swinging a ring is one of the first things that comes to mind.

Make a ring out of a thread and drape it over your stomach. If the ring on your belly spins in a circular way, it’s an indication you’re expecting a girl.

  •  Solving the puzzle

You may try it on with your lover or a friend. They will place a key in front of you, which you must take. You’ll get a female if you grasp the round end, and a guy if you take the narrow end.

  •  Chinese calendar of births

The sex of your kid is determined by a Chinese birth chart that tracks the age and month of your conception. This technique highlights your birth year and age. It’s a girl if both the numbers are even or odd. It’s a boy if one is even and the other is strange.

You may have tried guessing, but keep in mind that these are not scientific methods of identifying the baby’s gender. They’re entertaining, but they’re not scientifically proven. If your country allows for sex determination, the doctor may be able to assist you by doing an ultrasound scan between the 19th and 22nd week.

Many countries consider gender prediction before birth as an illegal act. Be it a baby girl or a baby boy, every child is a gift of God and is a beautiful creation. Enjoy every day of your pregnancy journey and make beautiful memories.

How To Manage The Stress & Mood Swings During Pregnancy?

These are just a few strategies for managing your stress and mood swings during pregnancy:

  • Get A Good Sleep

A restful night’s sleep enhances relaxation for both you and your baby. Your baby experiences the same emotions as you do.

  • Give In To Your Cravings

When you don’t eat what you desire, you might occasionally become upset through pregnancy. This has an impact on the health and nutrition of your child.

  • Speak With Your Close Ones

Share your emotions with your spouse, friends, and family at these times rather than holding them inside. Engage in enjoyable pursuits and do whatever brings joy.

  • Read Books

During pregnancy, reading is the most effective approach to manage mood swings. You may teach your unborn baby while you are reading books.

  • Play Some Music

The most extraordinary remedy for mood swings that anyone can recommend is listening to music specially created for pregnant women. You can have a healthy, intelligent baby by listening to this music whenever you want.


We must dispel the fallacies surrounding most anecdotal signals of having a girl. Overeating and stress related to being pregnant could increase a woman’s chances of having a girl child, but further study is required to thoroughly comprehend how these baby girl symptoms during early pregnancy affect the sex of the baby. Finding out a baby’s sex during a 20-week ultrasound is the most beneficial method to do it. Don’t worry, New Mothers! With its informative blogs, Budding Star is always there to help new moms with parenting experiences.


1. What are my chances of having a girl?

Signs of having a girl may include

Size of breasts 

A woman’s breast size increases throughout pregnancy for a variety of reasons, including hormonal changes, the expansion of breast tissue, getting ready for nursing, etc. When the breast size seems to decrease, it is said to be a symptom of having a girl in pregnancy.

Dark Linea

The linea nigra, a black line that appears on the baby bump, is thought to indicate symptoms of a baby girl being on the way if it extends below the belly button. Despite the fact that it’s thought that fluctuations in hormone levels cause the linea nigra’s colour.

Body Texture

If the mother is oily, is prone to acne, is lifeless, and has dull skin, then it is definitely 100 % the symptoms of a baby girl. It is thought that the mother’s beauty and charm are stolen by the baby girl, causing the mother’s skin to become bland. However, a change in nutrition may also be to blame for the changes in skin texture.

Sweet Rush

If expectant mothers crave sweets like chocolate, cake, and ice cream frequently, then there are signs of having a girl. Sugar desire is regarded as one of the most obvious signs of a newborn girl.

Despite the fact that there is no proof in science, pregnant women sometimes experience food cravings that can indicate the baby’s gender and there are 100 symptoms of baby girl in India but it always depends on person to person. 

Foot temperature

Your feet may be a clue that you are having a girl if they are warm during your pregnancy. Typically, pregnant women who are carrying boys have freezing-cold feet the entire time.

2. How do I know if I am having a boy or a girl?

Signs You’re having a girl 

Your pregnancy-related hyperemesis is making you sick.

The majority of expectant mothers experience some sort of morning sickness. But some mothers deal with even worse conditions, with violent nausea and vomiting (called hyperemesis gravidarum).

Girls may be more likely to be born than boys when mothers have bad morning sickness and vomiting during pregnancy, according to studies. These results had an even stronger connection to women who experience severe morning sickness.

You’re especially forgetful.

For unknown reasons, some study suggests that moms of males routinely outperform parents of girls in memory tests, particularly in the areas of listening, cognitive, and imagery skills.

Therefore, you might be able to blame your pregnant brain on the baby girl you’re carrying the next time you can’t remember where you put the vehicle keys.

You are very stressed out.

According to a study, having a girl is more likely the more stressed out you were at the time of conception. That’s because girls might be less susceptible than boys to negative circumstances in the womb.

Your newborn is breech.

 Calculate pregnancy in weeks and months. Are you past your 32-week mark and your kid is still obstinately growing head-down and bottom-up? Maybe now is the time to think pink!

Symptoms of baby boy 

You consumed a lot of calories when you were pregnant.

According to one study, consuming a high-calorie diet throughout pregnancy and having breakfast every day may marginally boost the likelihood that you’ll give birth to a boy.

The researchers discovered that, in comparison to women with the lowest calorie intake, 56 per cent of those who consumed the most calories around the time of conception gave birth to males. According to evolutionary theory, sons need more resources (i.e., calories) than daughters do, hence a diet high in calories would benefit a baby boy.

You are consuming more food while pregnant.

Is it a girl or a boy? Your appetite can reveal anything. One study monitored the meals of expectant mothers and discovered that those who were carrying boys consumed roughly 10% more calories than those carrying girls. Why is there a bigger appetite? Researchers believe that the testosterone male foetuses release may be telling their moms to eat more food. And that might account for why newborn boys typically weigh more than newborn girls.

One folktale, however, has been the subject of scientific investigation, and it concerns the possibility of prenatal heart rate gender prediction. According to conventional knowledge, a male is expected if the baby’s heart rate is less than 140 beats per minute and a girl if the heart rate is greater than 140 beats per minute.

3. How does a girl feel if she is pregnant?

There is no one-answer-fits-all response to this. Each woman’s body has its own unique way of processing and addressing the sea of changes that come with pregnancy. Some women feel

bloated and nauseous while others experience implantation bleeding at the onset of pregnancy. Some women take the entire journey on their chin, and the entire process is like a breeze for them. The same can’t be said for others as there are a lot of factors, physical and medical, that can have a bearing on a woman’s emotional, physical and mental state during pregnancy. 

4. What are the chances of having a girl in the first pregnancy?

The chance of having a girl in the first pregnancy is similar to that of having a boy; 50 per cent. Although there are a number of tales, theories and hearsay that can tell you otherwise, pragmatically, there is no definite way of guessing if you will have a girl in the first pregnancy. 

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