Time and again media has been flashing incidents of rape, sexual assault, molestation and sometimes victims are as young as small kid. So a rapist don’t even spare a small kid. This post talks what is the right age for Sex Education for children.

Now the next thing comes in our mind how can we prevent rape? Being a woman, a mother not only we have to think about our safety but also our kids who are yet to understand the magnanimous of this crime. 

Understanding perpetrator is utmost important to prevent sexual assault but again there is no typical profile of a rapist. This is why it is good to focus on that person’s behavior instead of who they are in their community. A chilling study showed that rapist drawn towards potential victim who has long hair because it is easy to grab or wearing clothes that can be removed easily or the potential victim caught off guard like busy with mobile or in empty parking lot or any place where getting help is less likely to happen. 


  • Avoid desolate places.
  • Carry spray or an umbrella to foil the attack and above all to remain alert while traveling alone.
  • These preventive measures are applicable when a person is mature enough to understand the impending danger and can avoid the mishap. But being mother what intrigue me the most is victims are sometimes so young to understand their impending danger. 


Imparting sex education to children… But what is the right age for Sex Education for children? Earlier the better. Make sure sex education must be age appropriate. Explain the things in a way so that a child can understand and also it is not possible to cover up everything at once. Children should understand the basic of reproduction. A man and woman make baby together. Many times parents give explanations to their innocent queries like they are God send. But going by today’s harsh realities we can’t stop there by giving fairy tale type answers. Simultaneously we have to sensitize them with truth of the life but according to their age.

Children (4-6) year old:

They should understand their body parts while teaching or introducing different body parts, we should also teach them about genitals and privacy around body issues. Once my son asked me why we stand while peeing girls have to sit literally fumbled that time and managed to escape the question by saying that we are different. Experiences make a person wiser. So never to avoid queries with silly answers. 

Children (7-10) year old:

Children  between this age should  know about basic conventions of privacy, nudity and respect for others in relationships along with good touch and bad touch. Children should be taught the basics about puberty towards the end of this age. Babies are God gift but they grow in mother’s womb. 


Children in this age group generally become private people but they should also know whether depiction of sex and sexuality in media are true or how far realistic or not or whether they are positive or negative. By the end of this age span they should  have knowledge of safer sex and contraception. If they are taught earlier and step by step then it increases  the chances that teens will approach parents when dangerous things comes up. 

Above all these we have to be vigilant as well as co-operative with our children. 

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