Toddlers are funny little human beings. They are hyperactive most of the time and love to keep you on your toes always. They can spend hours in playing with unusual things like whenever I used to cook, my then 2 year old son would spend the entire time in kitchen transferring potatoes and onions from one basket to another. Then I had my daughter. So now I had two kids to keep busy. Whoever tells you that if you have two children then they can play with each other and you can relax; then probably they are telling you a lie. The sight of siblings playing with each other calmly is rare. Instead of being relaxed you end up being a referee. So with time I learned few ways to have fun with my toddler and to keep them busy without much fuss. Sharing 8 ways to have fun with your toddler:

1. Reading.

If you are an avid reader like me then this activity is just right for you and your kid. Take an interesting book with attractive pictures in it and tell a tale to your toddler. It could be about his favourite animal or the things which he loves. You just have to trade your classics to fairy tales. This is one of the best ways to have fun with your toddler.

2. Painting.

This task was quite difficult for me to accomplish. Whenever I used to give crayons to my son, he would colour for 5 minutes and after that all the crayons ended up being aeroplane flying from one corner of room to another. I tried all the colours, from crayons to sketch pens. In the end water colours came to my rescue. He would sit calmly lost in mixing and exploring the various colour combinations. Though its quite messy but it’s worth it.

3. Hide and seek.

I guess this game is favourite among all children. Toddlers love hiding and always have same spot to hide. Whenever we found them they would exclaim in such excitement that it would automatically bring smile on your face.

4. Fort using pillows and blankets.

I used to love making a fort with my brother and we would act as kings of different kingdoms. Now, I make forts for my daughter and son. They love it as much as I did. All you need is pillows, cushions and blankets and you are good to go. Kids will be busy in their own kingdom for a good amount of time.

5. Movie.

Make some popcorn, get a dvd of a good animated movie, sit with your kids and just enjoy their animated expressions. If possible you can also invite their friends for matinee show at your home.

6. Baking.

Engage your kid in the process of baking a cake. They can do the task of mixing the flour, putting sugar and other ingredients. Through this they will be involved in the kitchen and would love to be a part of something which they saw you doing.

7. Play loud music and dance.

All kids love music and dance. They have their own unique dance moves. Let the child in you take centre stage and be a kid again. Enjoy the music, dance with your kids, copy their dance moves and laugh with your heart out.

8. Tickle and laugh.

Toddlers are very ticklish and they enjoy it to an extent. For me and my kids it has become a routine , once I am back from work, we three get on the floor and have a little 5 minute tickle fun. They literally climb on me and laugh a lot. Its like a refreshing welcome I get from my kids.

These are just few ways although there are numerous other ways to have fun with your toddler. Each parent know their kid best and plan their day accordingly. Enjoy these initial years with your kids because they grow up very fast and soon you will have a teenager who is lost in his own world.

So these are 8 ways to have fun with your toddler.

Happy Parenting with BuddingStar …!!


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