It’s that time of the year again when I start getting birthday blues. Yes, you read it right. I, indeed get birthday blues. Turning 34 years old this weekend and my birthday blues are back. I love celebrations but slowly all that charm and fun of birthdays start fading. You get busy in life.

Life teaches you different lessons as you grow up. You look at it in a different way when you are 24 and when you are 34. In 20s, life is in a transformation phase. Life is full of dreams and is quite complicated. I personally liked life more when I entered in my 30s. I was more confident, had learned many things and enjoying life more than I did in my 20s.

There are some things that I’ve learned during my life journey of 34 years.

1. Nothing is Permanent.

Whatever situation you are in, it’ll pass. Nothing is going to stay always. Whenever you find yourself in difficult phase of life; just take a deep breath and tell yourself “This too shall pass”. This thought may give you power to bear difficult times but same hold true for good times also. Everyone experiences good and bad times. Life is not always a bed of roses. Be ready for all the uphill and downhill life has in store for you but don’t stop dreaming and believing in yourself.

2. Be independent.

Being raised by an independent woman, I learned this thing early in life. Don’t expect anyone else to fill your form or pay your bills. Do it yourself if you can. Buy your own grocery. Financial and emotional independence both are important. Financial independence comes when you start earning but emotional independence is something you have to work upon. It comes only when you start loving yourself and start enjoying your own company. Set your priorities and invest wisely and timely for your future.

3. Relationships are important but not everything.

This is something everyone should know when they reach in 30s. Every relation has its own place in life. Balance them and give time to all important people in your life. Do not forget your parents when you get married. Once you leave home they worry about you and miss you. Call them often and take care of them. Do not neglect your husband once you have a baby. It is really important to spend time together to maintain a healthy relationship. Do not ignore your friends. They are the ones who help you unwind. Realize their worth before it’s too late. Learn to identify toxic relationships and leave them before they start affecting your life. Have the power within you to move out of any unworthy relationship.

4. Agree to disagree.

Over the course of life we meet many people. Not all of them share same point of view as yours. It is important to have healthy discussions about anything but not all discussions end in agreements. At 34, I’ve reached at that level where I can accept that other person might be also be correct and I choose to agree to disagree. I’ve accepted that their belief may be different than mine but still we can be friends.

5. Don’t compare and don’t judge quickly.

This is very simple to say but difficult to follow. Comparison is something with which we’ve grown up. It started with the height and weight comparison with other toddlers of colony moved to the marks and percentage in school then to the job and salary package. Sometimes, it seemed endless because even if you managed to get a good job, some uncle’s daughter wedding invitation would come and comparison would start again about the right marriageable age. But now when you are the master of your own ship, stop doing that. Your friend’s life is moving on a different timeline than others. Don’t judge anyone quickly in one or two meetings. A person’s life is deeper than it looks. You never know what he or she has been through.

These things have made my life smoother and easier. I am able to relax more and enjoy tiny little moments with my family despite some viewpoint differences. It really helps you to have an uncomplicated and stress free life.

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