We’ve often heard that being mom is a blessing of God. Well, indeed it is. There’s no doubt about it. It’s a blessing because you get unlimited unconditional love. Your child helps you to evolve, to be a better person. Ultimately we all want to teach them good things and to teach them something we have to do that ourselves. Parenting is an through the concept of ‘lead by example’.

We’ve to eat green vegetables first to make them eat it. Whenever I see the little man I’ve created, I feel amazed and happy. I bet all moms must have spent hours staring at their little bundle of joys when they would be sleeping peacefully. They look so cute and adorable while sleeping. It’s like the best sight in the world.
Along with the blessing parenting is a huge responsibility. The future of our child is in our hands. The kind of home environment we give them, the kind of upbringing we give them decides their personality, their choices in their own life. Our choices changes after being a mother, our priorities change. Instead of going out late night we start sleeping early because that is in the best interest of our child.

We skip lunch dates with our friends because our child has exam next day. We skip our favourite movie show to be at his annual day function. It’s such a sight to see your little wonder standing on the stage and performing. Seeing my little boy performing my heart dances and do somersaults. In order to give them best we work hard and strive harder.

Motherhood! It’s beautiful yet scary- So motherhood is blessing and responsibility also.

So far, so good. But, there is a twist in tale.

Motherhood is scary also. Yes, you read it right. Being a mother is scary. It is scary because you feel so vulnerable all the time. Remember the first time you held your baby. Do you remember those surge of emotions you felt all at once. Well, I remember them clearly. It was like I am holding the most fragile thing in my hands. A huge sense of responsibility because my baby is entirely dependent on me. I have to take care of him. Any mistake of mine is directly going to effect my baby.
Its like your heart is walking outside your body. You feel your heartbeat racing whenever they fall down or get hurt. If their school bus is late by 10 minutes all sorts of terrible thoughts flood your mind and heart. I remember when my daughter was 6 weeks old and got her vaccination, her leg swelled up and even a slight movement of leg would make her cry like anything. I got so worried that I wanted to run to the hospital, primarily because nothing like this happened with my elder one. Although it was a normal thing but seeing my little daughter in pain was enough to freak me out.

Somehow, my man in uniform made me understand that its a normal thing after vaccination and every child responds differently. But the whole night I was sitting taking her in my lap and by the next day she was absolutely fine. See, this happens when you enter motherhood. You won’t bother about your fever or health but a tiny scratch on your child’s body is enough to freak you out.
If you didn’t get what I am trying to say then let me tell you another incident. When my son was about 2.5 year old, I left him with his dad to have some fun time with my girlfriends. Whole duration when I was out was about 3 hours but in those 3 hours I called them 6 times. I was anxious all the time. But at the other end, my son was having real fun time with his dad. Motherhood brings lots of worries with itself. You worry about everything which is connected with your child; about their food, their school, their friends, literally about everything.
Now, tell me. Were you like this before being a mother? Maximum would say ‘NO’. Even I was not like that. Once you become a mother all your life revolves around your children. Even if your child is married and has his own kids you will worry about them. You can see that in your parents. Does they ever stop worrying about you. My mom still asks me whether I had food at proper time or not.
Isn’t it scary to spend all your life worrying and feeling vulnerable. Despite that it brings with it a lot of beautiful memories and makes your life wonderful. Above all, after being a parent only you begin to understand your parents in a much better way.
So, all the new expectant mothers. Enjoy your journey of being a mother because soon your life is going to change forever and all the mothers, keep enjoying the beautiful never-ending journey of motherhood. And being parent makes you a better person.

Happy Parenting with Budding Star


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