Parenthood brings a big change in our lives. All the system of life begin to revolve around a tiny little baby who has just came into the world. All those night outs are changed into sleeping on time, romantic movies have given way to animated movies, diaper bag replaces our designer handbag and we even love to pose with it. Almost everything changes from our clothes to our outings but we really don’t mind that change. Its a beautiful change which in turn makes us a better person. Here, I am sharing with you some points on how being a parent makes you a better person.

1. More responsible and patient.

However patient you may be before being a parent, kids are going to test it and increase it to manifolds. Being patient will be the only choice you have when your son is tying his own shoe laces, when your little princess is eating food by sharing it with all her teddy bears. Responsibility is another virtue which comes with parenthood. Your little one is entirely dependent on you and his entire life is in your ends. When I thought about it seriously , it gave me goose bumps. In order to make your kids responsible and to give them a bright future you become more responsible.

2. Benevolent.

Once you become parent you realize there is no limit to the love which you have for your offspring. Its so overwhelming which in turn makes more vulnerable and you start empathize with other people’s pain and challenges they are facing with their kids.

3. Better organisational skills.

Managing home, kids and work is not a child’s play. You’ve to be organised in order to stay sane. Kids are easy to handle when they have a fixed routine although there can always be some exceptions. Its better to have a flexible yet fixed routine. A little bit delay in doing homework is okay but finishing it before going to play is important.
4. Start valuing your parents more.
When you become parent yourself you realize how much efforts your parents had put in to raise you. How many sleepless nights they have spent because of you? Your kids bring you more closer to your parents. You start taking tips from them and knowingly or unknowingly follow the same ways they used while raising you.

5. A stronger marriage.

Parenthood is a journey in which you travel with your partner. Both of you love your child more than anyone else in the world and give your best to him. During this process, your other half becomes your partner, your friend and your relation becomes more strong.

6. You become more strong.

This last point is specifically for mothers. While giving birth, during the labour, you endure so much of pain that you hadn’t even thought of. Whether its normal delivery or C-section pain is there and its much more than pain; mood swings, sagging and sore breasts, stitches just contribute to the pain. You come to know of your own strength which you never knew you had. Now, you could do anything just to make your baby safe and happy.

These are few ways in which I think parenthood changes you for good. More than these changes, you have your wonderful kids who love you and adore you to no end. I have two amazing kids who are helping me to be a better person and I am just doing my job to love them and encourage them to be themselves and achieve heights with their own heart, mind and soul not by forcing my views on them.

Happy Parenting with BuddingStar …!


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