We all have one or two favourite teachers who knowingly or unknowingly have left a mark in our life. They have lend a hand in forming our career by giving us the knowledge which we have today. But how many of us actually wanted to be a teacher. We dreamt of becoming a doctor, engineer, pilot but very few said they want to be a teacher when they grow up. Teaching is mostly considered as a default profession. If you couldn’t be anything you wanted to be, there’s always an option to be a teacher. Same hold true for me. After completing my engineering I landed myself as a lecturer in an engineering college.

It was more of a circumstantial choice.

But slowly I fell in love with my job. College is full of youth, their undying energy, friendships, love, laughter and passion. As a teacher, there was not much of responsibility besides teaching your subject well. There is never a dull moment when you are among students .

I thoroughly loved my job and students. Although sometimes it used to be tricky to handle such grown up students who are way taller than you but as they say ‘no job in this world is easy’. I worked for almost 4 years than left my job to be a full time mum to my son. After 3 years, my daughter came into the world and my break from job extended.

After 5 years of break and 2 kids, I started having thoughts of getting back to my career which I have always missed. Being a mom is something I love but being a teacher gives me sense of accomplishment. I wanted to get back to that college environment, get a pay check at the end of every month. But leaving behind my 2 year old daughter for such a long time was not being accepted by the mum in me. So I took up a job in school which was paying me good though not that much but timings suited my family. I could manage my kids and job as well.

Working in a school changed my whole outlook towards school teachers.

I would say school teachers are in the most underrated and underpaid profession. It may seem as they have the most easy job in the world but believe me its not at all easy to handle the class of 30-35 children who are different from each other. Few students would be keen in doing whatever teacher gives them whereas for few the total attention span would be only 10 minutes.

College students just sit in the class even if they are lost in their own thoughts but these teenagers can’t. It’s impossible for younger students to sit quietly. To engage all those different students at the same time is a task in itself. As if that was not enough, there is copy correction, around 120 answer sheets to be checked and result preparation which takes all the energy of a teacher. A huge responsibility is there on them. The responsibility of the future of students, responsibility to teach them correct things, responsibility of making giving them good moral values in school. In turn its the unconditional love and respect you get from students is what you don’t get anywhere else.

I remember at the beginning of new session when I entered the class which I have taught previously also, all students stood up and started clapping. They were so happy to see me teaching them again. They would be happy and excited to see you after school. They would come and greet you anywhere they see you.

Of course there are all sorts of people and teachers but the ones I know give their 100% to students. So the teachers all over world have gained my respect and whenever I see primary school teachers I feel like giving them a hug because now I know how much effort they put to teach little wonders of our life.

Although sometimes it gets so annoying that I get the feeling that, “ I already have two kids at home why on earth I have adopted these notorious kids also.” But whatever it is, in the end of the day when I lay my head on pillow I feel a sense of responsibility towards my students and I sleep well knowing that I have given my best to them.

Next time whenever you meet a school teacher or the teacher of your kid, appreciate the efforts they are putting in for all of their students. Believe me, they would be smiling all through the day.

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