We all have our own ways to relax. Some of us sooth themselves with listening to their favorite music or simply reading a book with enjoying a cup of coffee. Same psychology applies to our kids as well. And they find their own unique ways of relaxing themselves. Thumb sucking is one such habit that is seen in kids. The majority of babies suck their thumbs mostly when they are tired, bored, or in need of comfort. They enjoy sucking their thumbs and find it a form of entertainment. For some babies, thumb sucking is simply a continuation of a habit they learned while still in the womb. Yes, some of the babies learn this habit inside the womb only. For some newborns, the discovery of their thumb begins within weeks of birth. The urge of sucking thumb usually decreases after the age of 6 months. But many babies continue to suck their thumbs to soothe themselves until very late. This habit can even go beyond toddler hood.

I have seen one of my nephews sucking his thumb until he was 4 years old. Thumb sucking was his routine activity when going to sleep and after waking up. Initially, we used to smile at his habit. Then slowly we started getting concerned about his addiction as he was close to 4 and he still preferred thumb sucking over toys. My sister-in-law started scolding him every time she found him sucking his thumb but he never cared her words. Then she tried many other home remedies like applying chilly, Neem oil and even nail polish on his thumb. But nothing worked for him. 

Generally, there are a couple of reasons why babies suck their thumbs. Many little ones pick it up when they are trying to find a substitute for sucking on a bottle. The act of sucking calms down the baby. Even when they just finished the feed, they continue sucking their thumbs until they fall asleep. While for some babies, this habits goes automatically with time, some show a clear indication of obsessive thumb sucking. And once a kid begins thumb-sucking, it may be a difficult habit to quit; they get so used to sucking their thumb while watching TV or sitting quietly or falling asleep that they can’t stop. 

Prolonged thumb sucking may affect their teeth. It can push the teeth outward or cause misalignment. It can also lead to speech problems, such as lisping. If you are concerned about your toddler’s thumb-sucking, here are some strategies for dealing with this temporary habit:

1. Don’t Force:

Toddlers never like being forced into anything. So, avoid continuous scolding. This can let the kid develop a habit of avoiding you. And he/she would suck the thumb secretly.

2. Avoid Home Remedies:

Many families opt remedies like applying vinegar, chilly or Neem oil over the thumb with the thought that the bad taste will make the kid quit the habit. However, I have seen that these remedies rarely work. They, in fact, make kids feel punished. 

3. Talk to your kid:

Let your kid lovingly know that this is a bad habit. How it can let germs reach inside the mouth and lead to an infection. If needed, take him/her to a dentist and with pictures of damaged teeth, you can explain him/her that thumb sucking can do this as well.

4. Encourage your child:

If you caught your child sucking the thumb and he/she stops doing it once you give the soft hint of not doing it, then appreciate your child. Give your child a substitute of thumbs like his favorite toy or a book. Little materialistic appreciation can do wonders for young kids. 

5.  Try Thumbsie® : 

Thumbsie® has created a unique thumb sucking glove to prevent the habit and problems with thumb sucking. The product covers the thumb and acts as a constant reminder when they put their thumb in their mouth. 

More about Thumbsie®

  • It’s a fabric thumb guard that is handmade and fits over the thumb like a glove for the prevention of thumb sucking in children. The glove is secured around the wrist using Velcro.
  • The glove is made of 100% cotton fabric that can be easily washed. It comes in 5 different sizes. It also has a simple measuring guide, which helps them to fit well.

  • There are over 30 different fabrics to choose from, such as small animal fabrics, flowers, butterflies, camouflage, little army men, cars and robots. All such patters that kids mostly like.

  • Suited to children aged 3 – 12 years, they can wear it all the time. When they are playing, writing or doing any other activity. Once the child has stopped sucking a personalized certificate is offered free of charge to make the child proud and feel special.


Effectiveness of Thumbsie® Glove 

Thumbsie® is a well-known name in UK. Thumbsie® is the only website in the UK dedicated to helping children to stop thumb and finger sucking.  It is seen that with Thumbsie®, kids have stopped thumb sucking within few days. Although some kids took little longer but with Thumbsie® all the time, day and night, they quit the habit without any pressure. There are many success stories shared by parents who tried Thumbsie® Glove for their kids. You can even find a dentist recommending Thumbsie® Glove as he himself found that it actually works. 

Where to buy Thumbsie® Glove 

Order from their website. You can choose from two options: Thumb Guard and Finger Guard. Select the fabric that your kid may like the most and shop it online with no hassle. Please use the code BMT for getting 10% OFF at checkout.

Complete Thumb Sucking help 

Thumbsie® website not only make their product available, they also have a great quality content around thumb sucking. Why kids suck their thumb, Tips to prevent thumb sucking and personal stories of parents. You can also find pros and cons of different nasty remedies that people recommend for thumb sucking child. For me, it was an eye-opener. 

My Take on Thumbsie® 

A recent study has shown that 12% of adults continue their thumb sucking habits. Therefore it is really a matter of concern if you let your child continue with this habit. I feel Thumbsie®  is a gentle reminder to the kids that they need to break the frame of mind which force them to suck their thumb.


As it doesn’t cover all the hand it allows full movement, this means it does not restrict the child’s ability to play or cause any discomfort. Moreover, it never makes the kid feel punished for something which he/she hardly accept as something wrong. However, as parents, you really want your kids to get rid of this as soon as possible. So, if you see that your child is reluctant for quitting the habit of thumb or finger sucking, you must try Thumbsie®. Its positive results are really promising.

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Happy Parenting!

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