As every child is unique, teething is a different experience for every child. My son is 2.8 now but when he was only 3 months old and started drooling, my family’s elderly ladies cautioned me this as a teething symptom. However, his first tooth came when he was 6 months old. All this time, from his third month to finally the sixth month, I spent in waiting to see him teething. Other than drooling and very less biting, there were no as such symptoms of teething in my son’s case. In this article I will be sharing Common Symptoms of Teething in Babies

Not all the kids face the same teething time; some of them even have virtually no symptoms. And a few of them experience teething pain for months. Thankfully there are some common signs to look for and be ready:

  1. Common Symptoms of Teething in Babies: Age

    There is no fixed time when the first tiny tooth will show up. But commonly at 6 months of age, most of the kids get their first white Perl. You might have heard a few strange cases as well. Like; a baby born with a tooth in her mouth, tooth coming very early during second to the third month, and child got her first tooth after she completed one. No fixed pattern at all.

  2. Common Symptoms of Teething in Babies: Order

    The most common are two teeth in the bottom center and then top two center. Then the pattern typically goes outward with the lateral incisors, followed by the first molars, or the molars closest to the opening of baby’s mouth. But my son got his top tooth first. So again there is no fixed ordering.

  3. Common Symptoms of Teething in Babies:

    Honestly, I feel blessed that my son didn’t face much while teething. He was neither extra cranky nor fussy. But typically kids feel achy and soreness with itchiness in their gums.

    • Drooling the most identified symptom of teething in babies. Drooling actually stimulates teething, so babies drool a lot. A lot means really A LOT. If you see your kid drooling, fasten a bib to keep her more comfortable and clean. Drooling can cause rashes in chin area so gently wipe this area and apply the baby cream.
    • Biting is next in the list of teething symptoms. Pressure from the teeth poking through gums causes so much discomfort for babies. And this is relieved by counter pressure or biting. Babies during this time can bite anything. Be it any toy or your nipples, so beware. Give them something to chew this time. Good quality teethers and rings help. Chewing is even more effective when the object is cold.
    • Baby’s mouth aches as that little tooth presses on the gums and pokes up to the surface. This can cause irritation for her which can last from a few hours to the whole day. And believe me, extra snuggles, kisses, and lots of patience are what a teething baby needs.
    • The bad stomach is another common sign of teething in babies. They put anything and everything in their mouth and some of them can cause stomach infections.
    • Teething babies can be fussy about feedings and get more frustrated as neither their discomfort nor their hungry tummies find relief. So they cry unusually. Sometimes because of the pain that tooth is causing and at times because of their hunger. Ask your doctor if you find the baby crying so much.
    • Babies whose teeth are coming in may tug furiously at their ear or rub their cheek or chin. This is because gums, ears, and cheeks share the same nerves. So pain in gums can travel through the same nerve pathway causing them rub their cheeks or chin.

The intensity of these symptoms (or any others) varies from baby to baby. Fortunately, my son passed through this with ease but you can probably expect to see at least some, and maybe many, of these symptoms while your baby starts teething. Be watchful, Moms! So these are the common symptoms of Teething in Babies.

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