Motherhood is a deserving gift to every girl. It is the greatest purpose of femininity to create a life with getting a new name, a Mother. This post is for all those mothers who are doing their duties with so much of dedication and love. I am also a mother and coming from this lovely community, I would like to remind how we mothers play a vital role in running this universe. Being a mother is the most important role we have to play. Well the Question arises “Why Mother’s Day”?

While our kids are growing up, we can see a bigger side of their personality gets our influence. We make them what they are right now or what they would become after 20 or so years. It doesn’t matter whether the child is still unborn or far away from a mother, it is a privilege to live a life of creator and nurture.

Mother’s Day is for us. It’s the day to appreciate and applaud ourselves. This day is to give a message that every Mother is the gem of the family. She is the bond that keeps everyone united under a roof. She takes all pain on herself to give smiles to other. Mother’s Day is all about the beauty of being a woman and a Mother. I am very excited about Mother’s Day.

It doesn’t mean I have been celebrating it since a decade. No. I came to know about any such day when I was in college and heard a Mother’s Day special radio program. But since then I have been wishing my mother on each Mother’s Day. At times, I send her a card or some gift. But there is no rule or convention about how one should celebrate this day. It gives everyone willingness and liberty to make this day special for their mothers.

Then Why Mother’s Day? Many people say we don’t need a day to celebrate Motherhood.

Perfectly fine, we don’t need Valentine’s Day either. Or for that matter, we don’t need a day to celebrate the victory of the divine over evil and what is the point in celebrating Diwali or Dushhara then!! But we do, every year. And I feel happy to dedicate a day to all the mothers of this whole universe, to celebrate their existence and greatness.

Now there are many ways to please mothers and every child knows how to do it. It could be as simple as saying Thank you in some creative way or giving her a grand surprise. It’s your wish and your wish of course! With saying so, in reality, one day isn’t enough to say Thank you to our mothers. However, if I ask people, who claim why just one day, “Do you say Thank you to your mother every day?” I am pretty sure, the answer would be No. Who does that? We all expect our mothers to complete her motherhood duties so well. But very few of us think about giving something in return. So, it is the day when the whole family comes together to treat a Mother like a queen she is.

Think about giving her special treatment at least for a day. She doesn’t always need expensive gifts; give her a gift of Me-time. Mothers don’t get enough time for themselves. They just give and give and give without expecting any return. So, let her be free for one day. I admit, Mother’s Day also has been commercialized so much. Special discounts, deals, and sales are everywhere.

We think it’s the day to give gifts to our mothers. If you ask me I love gifts. Giving a gift is a great way to spread the love. However, to really give a gift that says, “I love you” takes time and effort. I am not saying don’t purchase gifts. I’m saying make the gifts count. So, make some time this Mother’s Day and do something extraordinary and different for your Mother. She deserves it.

Happy Parenting with Budding Star

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