During pregnancy, each step brings extra cautions with it. Moreover, when it is about long-distance traveling, you should take a green signal from Doctor and also take necessary precautions. After all, this is the apical grace of God and the best part of a woman’s life. Rightly evaluating all traveling options, the train seems smoothest mode of journey. Yet it has a set of issues related to the health of pregnant mother and the baby inside. So, here you go with 11 tips for traveling by train during pregnancy in a safest and comfortable way.

How safe is Traveling by Train during Pregnancy?

If your health condition is normal during pregnancy then traveling by train is the best and safest option compared to flight or bus. With gentle but rocking motion it won’t create any hazard for you whereas bumps on roads or sudden jerks in flight can be dangerous. But in case of health issues like tendency to premature birth, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. doctor’s advice is must-to-take before such traveling plan.

Advantages of Train Travel over Road Travel During Pregnancy:

  • While the wheels clacks against the tracks you can keep occupied enjoying the scenic natural beauty hence keep away from worries. The beautifully take through nature, green meadows, reaping farmers, desolated lands, a stretch of green tall trees, animals rearing and lot more feel you great and enchanted.
  • It has enough space for movement or walking at an interval to keep away from muscle cramps. Stretch legs, wiggle toes, rotate ankles and be comfortable. This helps in better blood circulation. Always keep comfort factor on priority.
  • All long-distance trains have restroom which is very essential especially for a pregnant lady.
  • You may lay down or seat comfortably and take a short nap during your journey.
  • No tension of traffic jam, rash driving or extra checking procedure through the journey.

Traveling in First Trimester of Pregnancy:

In first trimester, you need to be very careful while traveling as the risk of miscarriage is maximum in it. It is that time when you experience many health issues as your body is adapting to a new beautiful change. Long trips should be avoided as nausea, vomiting (morning sickness) and fatigue are more pronounced in this trimester. This can cause inconvenience to you and the developing fetus. So, do consult a doctor before planning your trip.

Especially for couples staying far from family and parents fells apprehended in taking precise care of the pregnant mother. So, they want to be back at hometown among family. But traveling distance comes as a big question. Do not be worried, in such case take advice from a doctor as there are medicines which can take special care for two to three days travel and keep you away from health hazards.

Traveling in Second Trimester of Pregnancy:

This is the best time to travel (unless accompanied by any serious complication) as you are over with morning sickness or nausea. Even the risk of miscarriage is considerably low. By consulting doctor, you can plan a vacation or a break. Moreover, during this time, you are adapted to take care of yourself and take necessary cautions. Hence by carrying your medicine box, you can safely travel around. But do not take heavy luggage yourself. Be accompanied by your husband or family members. In this time you often get mood swing but a comfortable travel plan can be blissful for you.

 Traveling in Third Trimester of Pregnancy:

The third trimester is the most crucial time. Emergency delivery is often a chance in such a period. Precautions should be taken but an emergency can come at any point of time. Traveling during this time is a vital decision and may be avoided if it is not a must need. But again the train journey is best even in this period. You should carry things while traveling that may be needed in case of emergency delivery. It is only a precautionary step but you never know when you may face the need to those things. Ensure that the train’s compartment is not much crowded and spacious enough to take normal breathe and movement. The pregnant mother should not take any hard step and be comfortable.

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When it is not safe to Travel during Pregnancy:

In case you have any of the below stated health issues then it is better not to travel taking the risk.

  • Bleeding from Vagina – During pregnancy bleeding from the vagina is not a good sign which may lead to abortion also. So, each posture and movement of the mother can impact on it.
  • Multiple time pregnancies – In case you had been pregnant many time in the past but got miscarriage, then even if you are in healthy condition this time, try to avoid any extra stress. Especially, traveling can be a pain later on as you may develop similar symptoms and trauma at no time.
  • Diabetes can bring physical change and abstract pregnancy without any prior intimation.
  • High blood pressure can arise trauma or emergency at any point of time. Also, it evokes heart-related diseases and breathing trouble. Keep emergency medicines with you and also know some first aid.
  • Hypertension or depression can suddenly deteriorate the health condition of the pregnant mother. If you are on chronic treatment and take regular medicine then do not miss out on it.
  • Previous history or record of miscarriage – In such case do not take any risk or try adapting any factor that may affect your health condition.
  • The previous record of premature birth – If you have any tendency or chance of premature birth especially during the third trimester then avoid train journey or seating long on the toilet.
  • Pregnancy which is not inside the uterus is often known as ectopic pregnancy where the fetus develops inside Fallopian tube. Mothers are on high life risk in such cases so try avoid traveling. Do take doctor’s advice before traveling.
  • Cervix incompetence to hold the opening of uterus enhances the chance of abort or premature birth. Hormone treatment and other medications can prohibit the same. A long journey or sudden jerk may enhance the risk.
  • Pregnancy after 35 years of age has a higher risk factor. Due to lowing of pregnancy-supporting hormone, the health condition and baby carrying capacity comes to risk.
  • If there is any problem in Placenta or the structure providing nutrient and oxygen to the baby then the mother should maintain good health, food, and medication. Any sort of sudden emergency can arise related to the baby inside you.

Tips for Traveling by Train During Pregnancy

No matter what ever mode of traveling you choose, pregnancy travel always has a risk to it.

So, here are precautionary 11 tips for traveling by train during Pregnancy:

  1. While traveling through train do accompany yourself with spouse or family. Especial a lady acquaintance who is already experienced in pregnancy-related issues can support you best in case of emergency.
  2. Do not rush out or make hurry to reach destination. Always confirm and re-confirm departure time of the train. Plain your trip earlier. Get confirmed sit. Reach the station early and avoid the huge station crowd as soon as the train arrives in the platform. In case train is delayed take a comfortable seat near toilet.
  3. Do not sit in a fixed position or bent down. Try to sit in a resting position or lay down. Stretch legs and sit comfortably. Should book a lower berth to avoid climbing up and take a seat facing the direction of travel which makes you feel comfortable. Just submit the pregnancy certificate given by the licensed doctor to Indian railway and they will provide 2 lower berths in sleeper coaches, AC3 and AC2 tiers. This is a special allotted quota for pregnant lady and acquaintance.
  4. A pregnant lady should not carry heavy luggage herself. Do not change coaches while the train is on the move as it makes jerk in junctures.
  5. Carry doctors prescribed medicines along with some common medications like cold, pain, fever, stomach upset, headache, etc. Carry your prescription and medical history or details noted by the doctor. Also, save your consulting doctor’s contact details with you.
  6. Stretch your legs, arms and take a short walk after every hour. Use the restroom as per requirement. Do not hesitate to use it. But as those are for public use so maintain hygiene. On necessity use toilets seat sanitizer. Carry enough tissue papers and hand sanitizer.
  7. Comfortable and loose fit is the best wear for train journey. Carry shawl and extra pillow even if it is provided by train to ensure your best comfort.
  8. Try to avoid food from the pantry or outside source. As the baby inside you is also feeding on you so take special care to have hygienic and good food. Hence carry from home or manage for some ready-made food from a hygienic source.
  9. If possible carry sufficient water from home and do not have mineral water also from brands available at station premise as it may affect your health.
  10. Milk, paneer, and curd can easily get stale. So, carry foods that can stay fresh for a long time and yet is made at home taking special care about hygiene.
  11. Protein shakes powder, biscuits, baked snacks, dry fruits, fresh fruits should be carried enough to keep going and let not stomach keep empty for long hours.

So be aware and adhere to this health tips for traveling by train during pregnancy.

Most importantly, be with a companion. Traveling alone in pregnancy is not considered safe.

Keep healthy and have a happy journey!

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