5 things I tell my daughter everyday

5 Things I Tell My Daughter Everyday!

Someone asked me, what is your greatest moment of pride and without blinking my eyes, I said, ‘It’s giving birth to my daughter. I feel proud when I realize that I created her. And that gives me immense pleasure ‘. Yes, my girl is someone I am...

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how to make your kid eat healthy food


One of the benefits of living in a small town near the border area in today’s world is the little exposure it gives to your children to the highly destructive fast food items. Although, for a not-so-good cook mother, it forced me to try cooking some tempting...

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Teaching kids to waste less food

Teaching Kids to Waste Less Food

Its true when mom is around, kids are worse.If the kid is fussy eater then situation worsens more.Kids who are fussy eater are very selective about what they eat, reject food that they like one day but then happily eat them the next.This happens with my kid too. One...

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Qualities to Nurture in your Child

5 Great Qualities To Nurture In Your Child

It can be the most rewarding and satisfying job in the world, but sometimes, it can be the most exhausting and daunting too. Especially the first few years of childhood are very crucial for their development. The relationship and environment they occupied during these...

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Easy Themes for celebrating Child's Birthday


Children look forward to their birthdays. For you it might be another commitment in your already busy schedules. You may take the help of some planners/decorators or also opt for outsourcing the whole event at an eatery/ restaurant. Sometimes, when you want to arrange...

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Tips to increase your child's height

Tips To Increase Your Child’s Height

Human height is a metric trait that is a characteristic that is measured in quantity and controlled by genes and environmental factors. Yesterday I met one of my besties after a long time. We both are mothers of naughty kids who are in their “tweens”....

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Don't blame it on dice

Don’t Blame It On The Dice

It was a simple game of snakes and ladders. Avanya insisted that I join Priya and her and I couldn’t say no. After all she is my darling niece.As the board was placed across the table, I reached out to pick up a red coloured game piece, my obvious choice, when...

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How to teach kid to share

How I taught My Kid To Share

During ancient days, an Indian Household had on an average 5 children. The families lived together and ate together. But these days, the joint family system in India is slowly vanishing and most of the families these days are Nuclear Families. The number of children...

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8 ways to have fun with your toddler

8 Ways To Have Fun With Your Toddler

Toddlers are funny little human beings. They are hyperactive most of the time and love to keep you on your toes always. They can spend hours in playing with unusual things like whenever I used to cook, my then 2 year old son would spend the entire time in kitchen...

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