While many a times, children themselves may not be aware, that they are being sexually abused. It is the duty of us parents to identify the withdrawal symptoms that our children may reflect. This post describes about Child Sex Abuse and its Legal Remedies

It is not only the duty of the parents but also the duty of the school teachers to notice any of these signs and take an appropriate action immediately. While many times it is possible that the parents or teachers may choose to ignore these signs shown by a child assuming that their child cannot be a victim of Child Sex Abuse.

 Here under are a few warning signs that we as parents or teachers should never ignore:

  1. When our Children refuse to play in a group outside;
  2. When the child who was once upon a time very active suddenly becomes very withdrawn and stays by himself all day;
  3. When the child is particularly scared of one particular relative;
  4. When the child suddenly starts crying or becomes sad;
  5. When the teachers observe that a particular student is unexceptionally quiet then he or she should inform the same to the child’s parents;
  6. If the child has been refusing to go to the crèche or play school, check what is the reason yourself;
  7. If your child confronts to you about his or her fear towards a particular adult, do not ignore it, talk to your child and immediately take action against it;

Child Sex Abuse and its Legal Remedies

Many a times it has been observed that the people who harm the children are either family members or family friends because it is easier for them to have easy access to the children and win trust of both the parents and children. So if your child has been suddenly, becoming quiet after meeting a  particular relative or refuses to go out and meet friends, then you need to speak to them.

Once you identify the any child has been a victim of child sex abuse, here under are the following steps that you need to take:-

  1. Talk to your child and give them the confidence that you trust them and support them;
  2. Keep the accused away from your child, even if it is a family member, the future of your child is more important than keeping your relatives and society happy;
  3. Immediately report the case to the nearest police station under the POCSO Act;
  4. Take your child to a clinical psychologist or a counsellor, children who are usually victims of such incidents are weak and broken internally, a psychologist will definitely be able to help them overcome their fear;
  5. Encourage your child to accept the reality, if you do not support them, then they may slip further into depression and may resort to end their life;
  6. The Court proceedings may be hectic and may be stressful on the child, you need to support your child mentally and emotionally;
  7. Do not let one incidence break your child, encourage them to be active like before, it is not their fault that they are victims of sexual abuse, do not make them feel guilty about it;

There are also various NGO’s in India, which conduct Child Safety programmes for children and help children overcome this situation. It is never late to seek help.

#StopChildSexAbuse #DontBeSilent


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