Child Sex Abuse, was a term that was unheard of during our school days. With whatever limited Sex Education we received in our school i.e. at the age of 15, we were informed about molestation that only girls face. My first exposure to the existence of Child Sex Abuse was when I saw the movie Page 3. Even though I was 19, when I saw the movie, I did not know that even small boys could be victims of Child Sex Abuse.

Since ages, we were given to understand that only Little Girls and Women, were the victims of sexual crime, but  it is not so. During my Law College days various NGO’s would come to our college and inform us about the work they do and also ask us to volunteer with them. Once, Child-line a help line for Children had come to our college. It is only when, we personally received the training about Child Sex Abuse from the NGO, that we learnt how to deal with it.

I learnt about Child Sex Abuse at an age when I was nearly an adult but today it is important to teach your children and warn them about pedophile i.e. the Child Sex Abusers.

Here are a few things that we need to teach our children-

  1. Do not sit on the lap of elders, both men and women after the age of 3.
  2. If they do not like someone touching them, even if it may be a friendly kiss or a pat on the back, teach them it is okay to say no and to immediately address it.
  3. Tell your children to not allow anyone to touch them in their private parts aka the parts of our body which are covered, when we go for swimming.
  4. Tell your Children not force your child for a friendly handshake with a particular uncle or aunty, if they feel unsafe, its okay;
  5. Boys and Girls both can be victims of Child Sex Abuse, just because you have a son does not mean he may not be a victim.
  6. Tell your children to immediately inform you if any particular uncle or aunty has been behaving extra friendly with them.
  7. Teach your children the importance of hygiene, tell them any pain in any genital area or anal area should not be ignored.
  8. Install confidence in your children that along with a parent you are also their friend, they can confide almost anything and everything in you.

The only way in which we can curb Child Sex Abuse is by accepting its presence in our society. It is important not to ignore any withdrawal signs that our children show and to address the same.

In the next article, I have discussed how to identify a case of Child Sex Abuse and its legal remedies.

#StopChildSexAbuse #DontBeSilent

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